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Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights

1/10/2022 (Permalink)

a small paper house burning If your home or business has any damage, SERVPRO of Alamo Heights is ready around the clock to help you recover.

Have you ever heard of a tetrahedron? It’s a concept probably explained during your geometry class.

You might be wondering—why are we talking about geometry? Well, it relates to fire safety.

There are four major components known as the fire tetrahedron. These things have to occur in order for a fire to survive.

Without these four elements, a fire can’t start, and that also means that removing any of these elements can help stop a fire.

The 4 Things a Fire Needs to Live

Fuel—something to ignite. There has to be something that can act as a fueling agent in order for something to burn. Wood, plastic and fibers are some of the best fuel agents around.

Heat—enough to cause combustion. Depending on what substance you have, the amount of necessary heat will vary. And likely almost anything will either melt or ignite, causing a combustion of some sort.

Oxygen. Just like us, a fire requires oxygen in order to feed the fire. It will help it grow and generate products of combustion. That’s why when you are trying to put a fire out, smothering a fire (removing the oxygen) will help it go down sooner.

Chemical Chain Reaction. The cycle of fuel, heat and oxygen will create a chain reaction, which will keep a fire burning. So, essentially, the feeding of these things will help a fire grow and continue to burn.

The 4 Ways to Stop a Fire

Cool it. Obviously, the opposite of hot is cold, and that’s what you will need in order to put a fire out. You can use buckets, gallons or water hoses to help you douse a fire. These things act as cooling agents, which make combustion no longer a possibility. It’s important to remember that heat will make water evaporate so it will take a large amount to adequately cool the fire.

Smother it. Back to what we said before, oxygen feeds the fire, so therefore the only logical thing to do is smother a fire in order to put it out. So whether you are trying to put out a birthday candle or a major fire, the best thing you can do is suffocate it of oxygen. 

Starve it. Just like most things in life, if you starve something it will likely die. The same will be said for a fire, starving it of fueling resources, like wood, leaves it with nothing to feed off of. For example, if a wildfire is burning, the best thing you can do is create a boundary of starvation.

Interrupt the chain reaction. Sometimes fires require a greater interruption, so that’s where things like chemical agents can help put a fire out. The chemical halon is a very effective fire retardant, but it has an an elevated potential for ozone depletion, which can be seen as an environmental threat. Because of this, its production has been stopped.

If the fire tetrahedron makes a wreck of your home or business, we’re ready around the clock to help you recover. Contact SERVPRO anytime for fast, thorough cleanup and recovery after a fire.

Protect Your Business from Fire, Water, & Mold Damage

1/3/2022 (Permalink)

Is it one of your new year’s resolutions to have a safer, healthier business? If so, SERVPRO of Alamo Heights can help you achieve that goal. All businesses are suspect to some amount of structural damage, whether it’s due to water, fire, mold, or inclement weather, but there are certain steps you can take to help minimize their occurrence. 

The New Year is a time of fresh starts and resolutions, but it’s also the perfect time to make sure your business, home, family, and everything you love is protected against water damage, fire damage, mold, and inclement weather. SERVPRO of Alamo Heights is here to help you equip your business to protect your business from these safety hazards. 

We want you to enjoy all the excitement that comes with the new year without the fear of safety hazards in your home or office due to water, fire, or mold. We're proud to offer comprehensive 24-hour emergency services including water damage clean-up, fire damage restoration, and mold remediation, so you don’t have to live with damaged property. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (210) 822-2063.

Equip Your Business to Protect from Damage and Safety Hazards

We will be here for you when disaster strikes, but we want to help you prevent the need for our restoration services! To keep your property safe this upcoming new year, there are several ways you can equip your home to prevent water damage, fires, and mold growth. Our goal is to provide our customers with information about how to prevent damages, and what to do if damages have already occurred. 

There are a few things you can do that apply to all sorts of property damages. For example, create or update your emergency preparedness plan including evacuation routes and meeting places in the event of an emergency, to ensure that everyone is kept safe. To minimize repair costs, make sure your insurance policies are up to date.

SERVPRO of Alamo Heights is here to help you protect your family and property this New Year! Give us a call at (210) 882-2063 or visit for more information.

How to Protect Your Business from Water Damage

Whether it’s a slow, hidden leak, a huge catastrophic leak, or an appliance overflow, water damage can wreak havoc on your business. Preventing water damage from occurring in your business will help you protect it from structural damage and mold growth. There are several precautions you can take to help protect it from devastating water damage.

Check your hoses and faucets that are connected to your appliances on an annual basis. This will be a preventative measure for leaks coming from your washing machine, dishwasher, or refrigerator. These large appliances use a lot of water, so a leak could be significant. When you check the hoses and faucets, look for cracks and water leaks.

Another thing you can do is install pans under your sinks. The pans will prevent damage by catching any water from small, slow, undetected leaks. If you are concerned about undetected leaks, you may want to consider investing in a water alarm. These alarms work similarly to smoke alarms, by detecting water and setting off an alarm when a water threat is detected.

If you experience water damage, call SERVPRO of Alamo Heights right away for fast and effective clean-up and restoration services. 

How to Prevent Fire Damage in Your Commercial Property

As you are probably aware, fires can quickly destroy your building. There are several things every building should be equipped with to keep fires and fire damage at bay.

For example, fire extinguishers should be kept in strategic locations throughout, and everyone in the building should know how to use them properly. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors should be installed and should be checked regularly to make sure they have fresh batteries. Having a working smoke alarm greatly reduces the chances of extreme fire damage or injuries.

In the event of a fire, call SERVPRO of Alamo Heights for timely and professional fire damage restoration and cleanup services.

Prevent Mold Growth in Your Business

Begin the new year with the certainty that your office’s indoor air quality is healthy. Air purifiers and filters can help you effectively kill mold spores to make the air cleaner.

There are several things you should look for in a high-quality air filter. True HEPA filters are the superior choice, meeting high standards of air quality maintenance put in place by the U.S. Department of Energy standards. The abbreviation HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air, and for good reason. HEPA filters are capable of removing at least 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and other airborne particles. 

Monitoring the indoor humidity level will also help to prevent mold growth. Investing in an effective dehumidifier may be a good idea in areas of your business that are prone to elevated humidity levels, such as bathrooms. 

If mold growth occurs, contact SERVPRO of Alamo Heights for mold remediation services.

Call SERVPRO of Alamo Heights in Your Time of Need

The experts at SERVPRO of Alamo heights utilize the highest standards of restoration and follow IICRC guidelines to ensure every job is done correctly. We're here to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

We're here to help make the restoration process as smooth as possible for you! For more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, contact us today at (210) 882-2063.

Happy New Year from SERVPRO of Alamo Heights! We hope you have a safe and healthy start to 2022.

Help When There’s No Time to Waste | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights

12/20/2021 (Permalink)

a small interior room showing extensive damage from a recent fire If a fire issue pops up during the holidays, remember the trusted leader in the recovery industry, SERVPRO of Alamo Heights.

When you were younger, you may have had to routinely wait for things. You waited in line, you waited on the mail, you may even have waited on hold on the phone.

These days, things are different. Because we have everything at our fingertips 247, we expect things to happen right now! While sometimes waiting is part of the excitement, there are some things in life you should never have to wait for. Damage to your home or business is one of those things.

At SERVPRO, we know that damage done to your home or business can be life-altering, and that’s why we can assure you that someone is always available to take your call. Because when damage sits, everything goes downhill.

After a fire. If a fire were to engulf your home or business, it’s not only going to affect the structure of your home, but it will devour your items or at the very least cover them in soot. When this happens, the soot can embed itself in carpets or fabrics, and over time starts to corrode things.

That means that if the fire didn’t ruin your items, the soot will.

And as if fire and soot aren’t enough, fire damage also leaves you with a new home fragrance that you will not enjoy! That smell will embed in everything, causing you to get whiffs of it often.

After water damage. After water damage, a whole different problem can emerge. You have 48 hours at most before water damage can become mold damage.

Not only is mold nasty and stinky, but it will likely cause a serious threat to your respiratory health. And just like fire damage or soot, water damage can start to cause structural damage, meaning even more costly repairs to be needed.

That’s why we fully understand the need for instant gratification when it comes to the restoration of a home or business. Our priority is to not only help you get back to your day-to-day lives, but we want to help you minimize any disaster we can.

That’s why we are ready for your call, no matter the day or time. We are here for you, ready to get your home or business fixed up so that you can continue with your normal activities.

When you need help after a home or business disaster, fast service is a priority, and there’s nobody faster or more prepared than SERVPRO. Call us anytime to take advantage of our 24-hour emergency service.

The Winter Preparation Checklist for Warm Weather Areas | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights

12/6/2021 (Permalink)

a close-up image of a wiper blade wiping away condensation on a car windshield If winter weather should bring damage to your home or business, contact SERVPRO of Alamo Height for fast, restorative solutions.

When the radio starts playing “White Christmas” and the holiday commercials start, it usually feels pretty strange with the weather being so mild.

Winter weather in San Antonio just doesn’t fit the “normal” narrative, except for last February, of course. In Alamo Heights, we’re not overly concerned with prolonged freezes, frozen pipes or snow tires—and certainly have no need for snow plows.

That said, there are still a few things that we should take care of during the winter months as a matter of preparation and prevention:

Prep your HVAC unit You’ll need your heat some in south central Texas this winter, so you’ll want to know your heating system is working well and operating safely. Having a professional come out to perform routine maintenance is a solid idea, and it can spot and remove fire hazards, too.

Take care of your home maintenance. Thankfully, we’re not normally hammered with three feet of snow over the winter like some northern and upper mid-western states. However, there are some things you can do to prepare for the cooler weather.

If you have a fireplace, double-check that the chimney is clear and free of creosote. Consider wrapping exterior water pipes to avoid a frozen pipe. Check your roof for damage and clear the gutters of all debris and obstructions as we don’t want rain water backing up and coming into the home. Watch out for critters! When the cold weather hits insects, pests, rodents and other small animals will be looking for heat and shelter; don’t let it be in your home.

Weather-proof your home Consider adding insulation to your attic and sealing your windows and doors. This will reduce cold air infiltration and help save you money on your utility bill.

Take care of your car. Make sure your car tires have acceptable tread life left, and consider new windshield wipers. While you may end up driving in ice or snow, the more likely scenario is driving in the rain. Make sure you can do it safely.

If winter weather or unexpected flooding causes water to damage your home, we’re always here to help. Contact SERVPRO to see how quick and easy it is to let the pros handle your cleanup and recovery.

Protecting Your Home from Furnace Fires

12/6/2021 (Permalink)

Did you know that 1 in every 7 reported house fires involve heating equipment? While furnaces are a highly effective way to keep your home warm and cozy, they also can pose dangerous fire hazards. Most modern gas furnaces are equipped with safety mechanisms to prevent explosions and fires by automatically shutting off if overheating is detected. However, it’s important to be prepared in the event that this safety mechanism fails. There are several preventative measures you should take to keep your home safe from fires caused by your furnace. 

Leading Causes of Furnace Fires and How to Prevent Them

One of the most common causes of a furnace fire is the motor overheating. This can be caused by multiple things that overwork the motor in your furnace. One of these things is a dirty air filter. If the air filter on your furnace is bogged down with dust and debris, it restricts the airflow to your furnace. The restricted airflow makes the furnace work harder than it usually does to get the airflow it needs. This results in reduced efficiency as well as eventually causing the motor to overheat. Dirt buildup on the motor can also act as additional insulation, leading to overheating as well. This is why it is important that your vents are thoroughly cleaned and inspected at least once a year.

Make sure to perform routine checks on your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms at least once a month - especially during the winter when your furnace is going to be in use. This will allow you to know when a fire is occurring or about to occur, and give you a chance to stop the fire in its tracks. Preventing the fire will not only keep you safe, but it will also prevent fire damage to your house and belongings. If you do encounter any kind of fire damage in your home, our compassionate team of professionals will help you restore your property quickly and efficiently. 

What to do if Your Furnace Catches on Fire

Hopefully, you can avoid furnace fires altogether, but In the event where it’s too late for preventative measures, and your home is already ablaze, it’s important to act fast. If you have a fire extinguisher or a fire blanket on hand, use it to put out the fire as soon as possible. Once the fire is extinguished, call the professionals at SERVPRO of Alamo Heights and request our fire damage restoration services. Our team is fully equipped to handle fire damages big and small. We will restore your property, including your personal belongings, and focus on a “restore” versus “replace” mentality. From your precious family photos to your TV set, our team is capable of restoring your belongings to their pre-fire condition. 

Reliable Fire Damage Restoration by SERVPRO of Alamo Heights

SERVPRO of Alamo Heights is a trusted leader in the restoration industry. We employ highly trained fire damage restoration technicians you can count on to restore your property efficiently and compassionately. Because we are locally owned and operated, we are able to respond quickly to your urgent calls. When it comes to fire damage, we understand the importance of preserving your home and belongings, and will do everything we can to return your property to its original condition. If you require fire damage services or have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (210) 822-2063!

How to Keep Your Home Safe When a Fireplace is in Use

11/29/2021 (Permalink)

As autumn dwindles away, colder weather begins to set in. Though we tend to have warmer winters here in Texas, it's not uncommon to experience chilly temperatures every now and again during the colder months. When this happens, you may decide it's time to crank up the fireplace, and enjoy the warmth and ambiance that it brings to your home. Fireplaces are a great, cost-friendly way to heat your home, whether your fireplace is powered by electricity, oil, or wood. However, as with any heating element in your home, fireplaces carry a fire risk. SERVPRO of Alamo Heights is dedicated to teaching fire safety to the residents of Texas, and in the unlikely and unfortunate event that you do experience a household fire caused by your fireplace, we're here to help with any of your fire damage restoration needs.

How to Prevent Household Fires When a Fireplace is in Use

While fireplaces are a great way to heat your living space, they can pose a risk if not used properly, as with any open flame inside your home. There are steps you can take to ensure that your home is safe when you decide to light the fireplace.

Keep Flammable Objects Away

Rugs, curtains, furniture, clothing, and more are all considered flammable objects. They easily catch fire when exposed to an open flame, and allow it to spread quickly. When you light your fireplace, ensure that there is ample space between the fire and any flammable or combustible objects.

Never Leave a Fire Unattended

Someone should always be in the room when the fireplace is lit. Although rare, a fire may become too strong and spill out of the hearth. If left unattended, the fire will spread quickly. Never leave your home when a fire is burning, even if only coals remain, and never leave children unattended with a fire. In the unlikely event that the fire overflows from the hearth and begins to spread, put it out quickly using a fire extinguisher, which you should always have on hand and readily accessible in your home.

Keep a Window Cracked

Keeping a window cracked while a fireplace is in use allows for a flow of fresh oxygen throughout the room. This prevents too much carbon monoxide from building up inside your home, and will reduce the amount of smoke in the air. Too much smoke inside your home can result in smoke damage and health hazards.

Use Dry and Well-Aged Wood

Wet and colorful wood causes more smoke and impurities to build up in the air throughout your home. It can also cause soot to build up in the chimney, which poses another fire hazard.

Prevent Embers From Flying

No matter how safely you've built your fire to be, embers can escape from the hearth easily, and can sometimes travel a few feet before landing. This often causes fires, even if you've removed flammable objects from the immediate area. The best way to prevent this from happening is to make sure your fireplace is covered by a metal net or glass screen, to prevent embers from escaping.

Keep Your Chimney Clear

Your chimney should always be clear of debris, animal nests, and soot before a fire is lit. You can check the chimney by taking a flashlight and looking up inside of it. If you can't see it clearly, use a mirror to get the angle right. If you can see that your chimney isn't clean or clear, you will need to contact a chimney sweeper to clean it out before you begin using your fireplace again.

What to Do if Your Fireplace Causes a Household Fire

Even when you've taken all appropriate fire safety precautions, a fire could still occur within your home. Make sure you're prepared in the unlikely event that this happens.

If the fire is small and manageable, extinguish it with a fire extinguisher. You should always keep one readily available inside your home. If the fire is large or spreading quickly, notify all residents and evacuate the home immediately before notifying your local fire department.

No matter the size of the fire or the extent of the damage, SERVPRO of Alamo Heights is here to help with all of your fire damage restoration needs. As soon as the fire is extinguished, by you or by the fire department, give us a call.

SERVPRO of Alamo Heights Has the Fire Damage Restoration Experts

Our fire damage restoration process includes assessing the fire damage, and if water was used to extinguish the fire, we will check for standing water and mold left behind as well. If the fire damage or smoke damage is extensive, we will remove all items from the home to restore, and we will restore the foundation within, back to its original state. Our goal is always to make it seem as if the disaster never happened.

SERVPRO of Alamo Heights is available 24/7 to assist with your fire damage restoration. Any time of the day or night, give us a call, and we'll arrive quickly to assess the damages and give you an honest quote. Give us a call today at (210) 822-2063!

A Leaking Water Heater Can Cause Significant Water Damage

11/17/2021 (Permalink)

As colder weather sets in, you may find yourself using hot water more than usual. Water heaters are an essential part of any home, especially in the winter months. Your hot water heater should be able to heat your home's water efficiently, allowing for a steady flow of hot water during a shower or bath, or when you're washing dishes or clothes.

If you notice that your hot water is running out faster than usual, it could mean that your hot water heater is leaking, or the water heater is faulty and needs to be repaired or replaced. A leaky water heater that goes unnoticed for too long, or that causes a flood in your home, can result in significant water damage. It's important to check on your hot water heater regularly, and to know what to look for when something seems amiss.

Leaking Water Heater

If you discover that your hot water heater is leaking, it's important to shut off the water source immediately to prevent water from continuing to pool on your floor, and to try to determine where the leak is coming from. A small leak in your water heater that is quickly noticed is often nothing to worry about and can be cleaned up by hand, however, a leak which has been standing for a long time may already be causing water damage within your flooring. If there's any doubt about how long water has been standing on your floor, especially if the flooring is made of a porous material like hardwood, it's essential to get the damage assessed by the experts at SERVPRO of Alamo Heights.

Burst Water Heater

A water heater may burst when it experiences too much pressure. This can cause a flooding event within your home, which should be considered a water damage restoration emergency. Any flooding event within your home should be tended to immediately to prevent further damages and costly repairs. The experts at SERVPRO of Alamo Heights are standing by, waiting for your call.

Water Damage Caused By a Water Heater

When there is a significant amount of standing water on your flooring, or when even a small puddle of water has been left to seep in for too long, water damage is sure to occur. Water damage presents itself in the form of rotting, mold, and mildew, but is often difficult for the inexperienced eye to catch. Some forms of harmful mold may not even be visible by the time that they are causing damage to your air quality, and mold must be eliminated by a professional.

When you've experienced water damage in your home, water damage restoration is necessary. SERVPRO of Alamo Heights is here to help with all of your water damage restoration needs. Our water damage restoration experts are available 24/7, and arrive fast to assess your damage and give you an honest quote. When you call SERVPRO of Alamo Heights, you can guarantee that your property will be treated with integrity. We thoroughly eliminate water damage, and restore your property to its original state.

SERVPRO Has the Water Damage Restoration Experts

It's important to call SERVPRO of Alamo Heights for all water damage restoration emergencies related to leaking water heaters. Our technicians are immediately dispatched to work on the scene of an emergency so that they can begin drying out your home and performing water damage restoration services. Give us a call today at (210) 822-2063!

Do You Know the 5 Leading Causes of House Fires? | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights

11/10/2021 (Permalink)

a firefighter battling a fire with a water hose in hand Regardless of the cause, SERVPRO of Alamo Heights are here for you if your home is affected by fire.

Homeowners can face numerous challenges from potential disasters around their homes. One of the most frightening scenarios for any homeowner is a fire.

Fires are unpredictable—they seemingly start out of nowhere, spread quickly, and cause massive devastation. Obviously, homeowners go to great lengths to avoid fires.

But despite all of the awareness campaigns, more than a quarter of all reported fires still occur in homes.

What are the top causes of fires in the home? Let’s take a look and see if we can reduce the number of fire incidents through information and education.

Cooking. Want to avoid a house fire? Never leave your cooking unattended! This is by far the top cause of home fires and injuries (but interestingly, not casualties). Almost half of all home fires start in the kitchen, and the reason is unattended cooking. The biggest thing you can do to avoid a fire at home? Stay at the stove or grill while your food is being prepared and never leave it unattended.

Heating equipment. Though not nearly as prevalent here in Alamo Heights, 14% of all home fires nationally are started because of heating equipment. It’s a combination of equipment malfunctions and mishaps, but the leading cause is flammable materials placed too close to heaters and portable space heaters are the top culprit.

Electrical fires. Typically, electrical wires have a life expectancy of 50 to 70 years. That’s why homes older than 50 years should have an electrical inspection to determine the fitness of the wiring. Over time, the insulation will become dry and brittle and the opportunity for wires to touch increases, thus increasing the risk of fire. Overloading of circuits and a higher usage of electricity than older homes can handle are all factors that contribute to electrical fires at home. No matter the age of the home, never use frayed or faulty outlets.

Intentional fires. Intentional homes fires come in at No. 4 on the list. Believe it or not, there are more than 28,000 intentional home fires started every year. By intentional, we mean fires begun deliberately, with the intention of setting the home structures ablaze.

Smoking materials. The Surgeon General’s public awareness campaign about the hazards of smoking has led to a 65% decrease in smoking over the last 50 years. Unfortunately, and despite only being responsible for 5% of home fire occurrences, fires started by smoking materials are the leading cause of civilian fire deaths. These often start because as people fall asleep and cigarettes or ashes are left burning. And that makes victims more susceptible.

Regardless of the cause, SERVPRO is here for you if your home is affected by fire. Contact your local team today to see how we can help.

Everything You Need to Know About Portable Space Heater Safety | SERVPRO of Alamo Heights

10/25/2021 (Permalink)

With cold weather just around the corner, you may be considering using a space heater to help knock off the chill in certain areas of your house. Some rooms may not get sufficient heat from the central heating system in your house, so this is where space heaters come in handy. There are a lot of portable space heaters you can choose from, and it can be overwhelming, but we are here to help! We know the safety features you need to look for and the proper precautions to take to make sure your home is safe and comfortable.

Heating is the second most common cause of house fires, second only to cooking, according to the National Safety Council. Additionally, most heating related fires are caused by space heaters. Fires can wreak havoc on your home and your health, so getting fire damage restoration as soon as possible is important. At SERVPRO of Alamo Heights, we are dedicated to providing educational resources to all the residents of San Antonio TX and surrounding areas to help reduce the risk of space heater related fires. As a full-service restoration company, we also provide residents with efficient fire damage restoration if the damage has already been done. 

What to Look for in a Space Heater

With so many portable space heaters available on the market today, it’s important to make sure you’re getting a high-quality and safe one. There are several different types of electric space heaters including ceramic heaters, fan heaters, infrared heaters, and oil-filled heaters. All these types of heaters have their pros and cons, but always make sure to read the instructions and operation manual before using a new space heater.  

Refer to this checklist when searching for a reliable space heater:

  1. Always check that the portable space heater has the seal of a qualified testing laboratory before you purchase it. 
  2. Some portable space heaters are equipped with advanced technology that allow it to automatically shut off if it falls over. This is a very useful feature as a tipped over space heater can quickly lead to a fire. 
  3. Similarly, some space heaters are designed with a thermostat that turns off if it detects the space heater is overheating. 

Space Heater Safety Tips

While portable space heaters are small in size, they still require a great deal of wattage and provide a significant amount of heat to warm small rooms. Because of this, you should always plug your space heater into a wall outlet and not a surge protector or power strip. Wall outlets can handle a much higher wattage than the alternatives, decreasing the chance of a fire due to overheating. Even though surge protectors can protect against power surges, they are more prone to overheat when powering a space heater due to their limited wattage. Even an extension cord can potentially overheat when powering a portable space heater. This may be inconvenient, but protecting your home from a fire caused by improper space heater use is well worth it! 

Follow these additional guidelines to proper space heater use to prevent house fires and injuries:

  1. It’s very important that you keep all flammable materials away from your space heater. When flammable materials such as paper, clothing, blankets, and drapes are too close to your space heater, it can cause house fires. These materials must be kept at least 3 feet away from the space heater. For the same reason, it is recommended that space heaters are used on a level, non-flammable surface such as ceramic tile, rather than carpets and rugs. 
  2. Make sure the cords of your space heater are free from any frays or cracks and that all connections are secure. 
  3. To minimize the risk of burns, keep kids and pets away from portable space heaters.
  4. Read the operation manual thoroughly before using it.
  5. Turn your space heater off when you leave the room or go to bed.  
  6. Lastly, but no less important, make sure your smoke detectors are working properly at all times. This will allow you to catch a fire hazard before it escalates into a full-fledged fire. 

If you follow these simple precautions, you will be able to enjoy the warmth of your space heater without the looming threat of a house fire.

What to do if Your Space Heater Causes a Fire

Accidents can happen even when you have done everything you can to prevent a fire caused by a portable space heater. In the event you have a house fire, there are several steps you should take immediately. In order to keep everyone in your house safe, as well as prevent serious fire damage, you must extinguish the fire as quickly as possible. Keeping a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket in the house is a good precautionary measure as they are effective at putting out fires. If you are not able to extinguish the fire yourself, evacuate the premises immediately and call your local fire department.

Once the fire is extinguished, you can move onto the next step - returning your home to it’s pre-fire state by calling SERVPRO of Alamo Heights. When we arrive, we will begin our thorough fire damage repair process. This includes:

  1. Inspection and fire damage assessment: We will carefully inspect every part of your home that was affected by the fire. This is an important step in helping us decide on the most appropriate course of action to repair your home.
  2. Board-up and roof-tarping: If the fire compromised your home’s doors, walls, windows, or roof, we will board up missing windows and walls and place a tarp on your roof to prevent any further damage and maintain your home’s privacy and security. 
  3. Removal of smoke and soot: Fire damage often results in a great deal of smoke and soot covering the surfaces in your home. Not only does smoke and soot smell unpleasant, but breathing it can lead to health effects. Using our specialized equipment, we will remove all of the smoke and soot from your home.
  4. Cleaning and Sanitizing: Using trusted techniques, we clean and sanitize everything that can be saved that was damaged in the fire. We will also remove odors with industrial air-scrubbers and fogging equipment.
  5. Restoration: The final step is restoration. This may include replacing drywall and carpets, painting, or even reconstructing entire areas of your home. 

When you call SERVPRO of Alamo Heights, our fire damage restoration professionals will return your home to perfect condition quickly and reliably. We are available 24/7 for all your fire damage emergencies. When you need fire damage restoration, don’t wait! Give us a call at (210) 822-2063 and we will help you every step of the way. 

Cleaning Solutions for Commercial Businesses | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights

10/19/2021 (Permalink)

a SERVPRO employee in PPE prepping an area for cleaning Are you ready to have the cleanest business in town? Contact SERVPRO of Alamo Heights for all your cleaning needs.

At SERVPRO, restoration and cleaning is our business, and we’ve been doing it for over 50 years. Homeowners depend on us for fire, water and storm restoration, and mold remediation.

Did you know we also take care of business owners in the same way?

That’s right! We have been providing commercial restoration services for businesses for as long as we’ve been serving homeowners. Whether you need restoration after storm damage, fire damage, flood damage, or mold, we offer specific services for the commercial business owner as well.

And we’ve also carved out a space in the commercial cleaning industry, too. SERVPRO understands the presentation of your facilities to your customers is of the utmost importance. We’ve made it our mission to keep yours in excellent condition.

Commercial Cleaning Solutions for Businesses of Any Size

You run your business and leave the cleaning to us. We can make your business shine! We have professional, top-grade cleaning and sanitation for all types of commercial spaces.

Retail facilities, such as local specialty retailers, national chain stores, malls and supermarkets. From the local corner market to the mega-chains, we give everyone facilities to be proud of.

Educational institutions from preschools to colleges and universities, including athletic performance centers. Recent studies have demonstrated that regular cleaning by students and teachers only eliminates half the bacteria from desks, and the numbers are worse for items that aren’t cleaned daily.

Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes, and even hospice facilities. These facilities must be cleaned and cleaned often. We can deliver cleaning above and beyond CDC standards.

Convention centers, hotels, and other hospitality facilities. These need to be spick and span! We can make the lobby feel like the executive suite.

Restaurants, distribution centers, and other foodservice facilities. Having a clean facility is a basic cost of doing business; if you don’t have it your customers will go somewhere else. We clean and sanitize, and you focus on delivering to your customers.

High-rises and commercial business complexes, property management agencies, and small office buildings. Your occupants will appreciate the effort you put in to provide first-class environmental care and sanitation service.

Lost productivity from illnesses costs an unbelievable $260 billion per year. Let SERVPRO attack those workplace germs and ensure you have a healthy clean environment for your associates and customers.

When you’re ready to have the cleanest business in town, we’re ready to help. Contact your local SERVPRO to get the pros working on the cleaning so you can work on the work.