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Avoiding the Stinky Reality of Water Damage | SERVPRO of Alamo Heights

5/1/2024 (Permalink)

water dripping from ceiling into a large puddle on tile floor Trust our team at SERVPRO of Alamo Heights to provide comprehensive services for a full recovery for all your water damage restoration needs.

Discovering a water leak from your dishwasher or any other source can quickly turn into a stressful situation. The immediate reaction is often to grab towels or a mop to clean up the water. However, if the water has been leaking for an extended period of time, the damage can be much more severe than just a simple puddle.

If left untreated, water damage can lead to serious problems like mold growth, rot and unpleasant odors like mildew. That’s why it is crucial to deal with water disasters quickly by calling us!

Addressing the Situation

Once water starts to flow where it shouldn’t be in your home, it will leak and seep into every crevice and small crack that it can. This leakage will eventually lead to water ending up in really hard-to-reach areas.

If you come home to a water leak or you are the unfortunate witness to a burst water line, your first instinct will most likely be to grab towels to start mopping up the mess. While that will certainly take care of the visible water, the reality is that you will not be able to get at the water that has already made it behind your walls and under your floors. These areas do not have adequate ventilation, which can lead to lingering, stagnant moisture.

Over time, this moisture will start to impact your home’s internal structures. For example, metal can start to rust, support beams can swell with water and mold can set in. It only takes 24–48 hours for mold to take hold and grow into an infestation, meaning you could be dealing with a mold problem on top of water damage in as little as a week!

Tracking Down the Mold

If you have ever smelled mold before, you can probably recall the odor pretty easily. Mold gives off a classically earthy or musty odor and can be relatively identifiable at the first few whiffs. Keep an eye on the room where the water leak occurred over the following days, and call us right away if your nose detects a possible mold issue.

Our team of professionals is highly trained to reverse water damage and address the issues caused by lingering moisture. Along with repairing damaged walls and floors, we also provide services to track down any mold infestations or musty smells that remain after a water disaster.

We ensure that the area is secured by turning off vents and HVAC systems, and then we filter the air to remove any persistent odor particles. Our team also cleans and sanitizes the affected surface, leaving no trace of damage or odor. When it comes to water damage restoration, you can trust our team to provide comprehensive services.

Don’t ignore signs of a water leak. Contact SERVPRO® for a full recovery.

Tackling Any Damage at Any Time | SERVPRO of Alamo Heights

2/1/2024 (Permalink)

heavy rain pounding down on a blacktop surface SERVPRO of Alamo Heights is Here to Help® when any disaster strikes!

When disasters occur at home, they pretty much always take us by surprise. After all, who expects a fire or a flood to impact their daily life?

Unfortunately, disasters can come in all shapes and sizes and can be really overwhelming to deal with. Mother Nature, home accidents or manmade disasters can have a huge impact on your home.

Thankfully, recovery is just a single phone call away. SERVPRO of Alamo Heights is here to make sure your home is restored and repaired quickly and efficiently.

The Impact of a Single Disaster

The toll that a disaster can take can range from a minor inconvenience to a completely overwhelming experience. Even if you were prepared for the situation, it can still cause more damage than you could have anticipated.

A single heavy rain can lead to serious flooding, which can lead to structural damage and mold infestations. A high wind can knock out power for hours but can also rip off shingle or damage your siding. A house fire can cause widespread damage but can also lead to lingering soot or smoke throughout your entire house.

No matter your situation, responding quickly is essential. Damage situations tend to get worse the longer you wait to address them, so that’s why we encourage you to call us the moment you discover the situation at hand.

A Single Team for the Entire Repair

Timing matters, which is why we are here 247, 365 days a year to respond to your call for help. Our team will prioritize your situation as soon as we make contact with you and we will focus on gathering the right team for the job as soon as possible.

Our highly trained technicians have the experience and knowledge to handle whatever your disaster situation requires. We are locally owned and operated, which means that we not only can be at your home quicker, but we have firsthand experience of restoring homes in our community and your neighborhood.

If your roof is damaged in a storm, we can handle laying tarps over the exposed part of your home while also removing your possessions to protect them from further damage. If you experience a flood, our team will work quickly to remove the excess water while also saving your soft materials and personal keepsakes.

We can also even handle tearing down and rebuilding entire sections of your home if the damage is too extensive. We have you covered from basement to attic.

Another benefit of working with us is that we get the privilege of being your crew from start to finish. Since we can handle every single aspect of your restoration, there is no need to be working with multiple contracts and agreements with other contractors!

Our team will take care of you no matter your situation. When the rain comes pouring in or a house fire leaves you stressed, call SERVPRO of Alamo Heights and we will make sure sunnier days are right around the corner.

Have you experienced a disaster and need restorations? Make one call to our office to start recovery fast.

Locating Water Leaks With Confidence | SERVPRO of Alamo Heights

1/2/2024 (Permalink)

close up of condensation on window pane and ledge Water damage can happen anywhere in your home. Call SERVPRO of Alamo Heights to restore water damage on your property 24/7, 365.

Water is a huge part of our lives, and we use it in so many different ways in our homes. We use it to run the dishwasher, warm up baths for the kids and pets and even to wash our cars on a nice summer day. While we are grateful for this easy access to water, it also means that the potential of suffering a water leak is possible.

Water leaks can be really frustrating and can cause serious damage in a short amount of time. Knowing where to look for leaks can help you stay in control and prevent the situation from getting worse while you wait for us to arrive.

Checking the Sink

Faucets, taps and your dishwasher all have important roles in your home, and they all need to use water in order to function. This means that there are water lines running to and from your home all over the place.

If a leak starts under your sink, it will seep into your cupboards, run behind your walls and get under your floorboards. Once it’s there, it can cause further structural damage and compromise your home. Try to get in the habit of checking the water lines under your sinks whenever you are deep-cleaning a space to check for drips or puddles.

Beneath Appliances and Fixtures

We all have at least one appliance in our homes that relies on water to function, and your risk for suffering a water leak spikes every time you turn it on. Dishwashers, water heaters, washing machines and ice makers are all prone to water leaks that can lead to frustrating and widespread damage.

In order to catch these kinds of leaks, pull your appliances away from the wall regularly to check for signs of moisture like puddles, mold growth or water stains. Do this every time you are deep-cleaning your house so you can take action right away if you notice an emerging problem.

Behind Your Walls or Under Floors

If a leak starts somewhere in your home, you definitely would prefer for it to happen in a place that is easily accessible and easy to see. Unfortunately, since your water lines are mostly behind finished walls and under floors, leaks could happen there at any time and could go unnoticed. That means you could be dealing with some serious issues if you don’t catch it for a while!

If you notice that your wall is starting to show a dark spot or you smell a musty odor when you walk by your bathroom, it’s time to do a little investigating.

Around Doors and Windows

Condensation can build up quickly around window panes when the temperature rises and falls drastically. While that is a natural process, it can cause excess moisture to linger on your windowsills that can warp your wood and soak into your drywall.

Moisture can also get into your home through any gaps, cracks or sagging around your windowpanes and doorframes. Check these areas seasonally and fix any gaps with fresh caulk.

Unfortunately, water has a mind of its own and can cause damage to your home at any time. Thankfully, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call SERVPRO of Alamo Heights for a quicker and more reliable restoration. Our team will remove standing water and hidden moisture with ease and tackle your repairs right away to help you make a full recovery.

Don’t ignore signs of water damage! Call SERVPRO® for a quick restoration.

Tackling Water Damage at Work | SERVPRO of Alamo Heights

12/1/2023 (Permalink)

concrete floor tiling with large cracks and water on it Has water damage infiltrated your business? Give SERVPRO of Alamo Heights a call to get that resolved!

You head into work for the day and start your process of flipping on lights and unlocking doors, only to be surprised by a musty odor and standing water all over your storefront floor.

No one expects to walk into a water disaster at work, but dealing with the situation quickly is always necessary to prevent serious and lasting damage.

Whether the flood occurred due to a plumbing failure or a natural disaster, recovering fast can help you avoid long-term closures and experience less damage to your business overall. Follow these tips to help get things cleaned up in no time at all.

The First Important Steps

Finding your business flooded in any capacity can be frustrating, even if it was predicted. Stay calm and try to focus on what needs to happen first.

1. Stay safe. Safety is always your priority no matter the situation, so keep your employees out of the area and avoid walking through the water yourself as you assess the situation. SERVPRO of Alamo Heights immediately, and we will start gathering the necessary information and organizing a team to get out to your business. You should also take some photos right away while the damage is still fresh.

2. Control the disaster. Acting quickly can help you avoid those really frustrating and impactful damages. Identify the source of the leak, and stop the flow of water as quickly as you are able to. Find the appropriate water valve and turn it off, and if you can’t, shut off the main water valve to your entire building for the time being.

3. Start the drying process. Floodwater can be carrying toxic materials, so try to stay out of the water while you walk around the area to open windows and remove fragile items from harm’s way.

Work With SERVPRO on Your Restoration

Our team will get right to work removing water from every surface. We will also do a total assessment of your space to ensure we are getting the hidden water behind your walls or under your floors. We will work directly with your insurance company as well so you don’t have to worry about anything other than your well-being and the well-being of your staff.

We often find ways to contain the area so you can still operate in a reduced capacity. We know that extended closures have a massive impact on your business, so we work with you to find solutions that end in success for everyone involved.

Once your building is dry, we can address any necessary repairs like fixing warped floors, replacing ruined carpet and even rebuilding sections of your space. We will make sure your property is dried and repaired to your satisfaction.

Do you need repairs after a water disaster in your commercial building? Contact us to get dried out quickly.

Protecting Your Home From Rain Damage | SERVPRO of Alamo Heights

9/18/2023 (Permalink)

image of a large body of water during a rain storm with ripples caused by the heavy downpour Water damage in your home? Not for long with SERVPRO of Alamo Heights on the case!

We can all appreciate a gentle, soaking rain after a hot and dry summer. Sometimes our plants and lawns really need it! However, not all rain is light or necessary.

Sometimes it can come crashing down in heavy sheets that can quickly create dangerous situations as it continues to fall in unrelenting waves. While we are grateful that our homes and the roofs over our heads are sturdy, sometimes they can’t always keep up and rain can start leaking down our walls.

Our SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights team wants you to stay safe and dry during every rain storm, so follow our tips below to stay prepared.

Hazards of Heavy Rain

If rain starts to fall quickly, it can cause floods all over. We know that living in Flash Flood Alley comes with its own risks, so taking action immediately is important for our safety. Our unique geographic location and proximity to the San Antonio River increases our risk of serious flooding concerns during this time of year.

While we can’t control the weather, we can certainly prepare in advance to prevent significant damages from occurring on your property. Stay tuned in to local weather forecasts and start making plans as soon as a flood watch is issued or a storm comes to town.

Steps to Take for Your Safety

Getting your home ready and preparing your family should always take top priority. If you are out running errands or attending one of your child’s games or events, head for home right away and avoid any low-lying areas or roads that you know are prone to flooding. Bring as many pieces of lawn furniture, yard equipment and children’s toys into your home or garage as possible, and consider tying down anything else you don’t want swept away or flooded in the event the water makes its way to your house.

Move anything fragile or soft off of the first level of your home, and consider shutting off electricity for your lower level just in case water starts to flow in. If this does happen, stay calm and stay out of the water. Wait where you are until the water stops flowing. Only then should you move carefully to exit and call us. Avoid walking through any flood waters when you can.

Steps to Take in the Future

We know that even when you do plan ahead and prepare as best you can, weather and water are unpredictable. You can learn from each damage scenario and take steps to make sure it doesn’t happen again. For example, a professional grading of your yard may help keep your property dry. This reorganization of earth can encourage water to flow down and away.

Another investment you might want to make is in a sump pump. Sump pumps work to pull water away from your foundation and it pumps it back up to a safe location.

Our team is always here after storms or flooding situations! If you do suffer flood damage this season, call SERVPRO for a complete restoration so you can avoid lasting damages and even mold growth.

We are here for all of your water disasters. Contact us day or night for a quick recovery.

Responding to Water Damage in Your Home | SERVPRO of Alamo Heights

8/10/2023 (Permalink)

Pool of water sitting on top of a herringbone patterned wood floor with furniture nearby If you discover water damage in your home or business, call SERVPRO of Alamo Heights right away.

Water, water everywhere! All of us are constantly using water in our homes to wash our clothes, feed our families and run warm baths for our children. We rely on the flow of water day in and day out to make sure our household is functioning smoothly.

Since water plays such a critical role in our lives, there is always the risk of experiencing water damage when something goes awry. In addition to water issues caused by household malfunctions, Mother Nature can cause chaos as well. We have had some serious flooding concerns already this year, so staying vigilant is key in the San Antonio area.

Preventing water damage from occurring in the first place is always ideal, but sometimes that is simply not possible. Our SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights team explains more about what to do if you discover water damage at your home below.

Your Initial Reaction

If you come upon standing water or a puddle in your home, the faster you move, the better. Water has the innate ability to leak and seep underneath floorboards and down walls in minutes, and that can lead to significant damage the longer you wait to address the problem.

Locate the source of the leak quickly and turn off the water valve or unplug the malfunctioning machine. If the leak is caused by roof damage or something similar and it is storming outside, you may just have to set out a bucket to catch the water while you wait for the storm to pass.

Remember, standing water always has the potential to be dangerous, so try not to walk through any of the water while you are going about this.

Once the flow of water has been stopped, pick up the phone and call us! We are here 24/7 to respond to calls just like this and we will be ready to help from the moment you reach out.

The Water Damage Restoration Process

Once you call us, we will start formulating our recovery plan for your space. We will ask questions, request photographs and have you walk us through the damage. This not only helps us create the right restoration plan for you, it helps us when we navigate the insurance claims process for you as well.

Our team of experts will get to work drying out your space using our industry-leading drying equipment like our air movers and blowers. Getting the water out of every space is crucial, which is why we ensure that your soft materials like couches are chairs are fully dried as well. Once the water is gone, we will sanitize and deodorize the area.

We are trained to handle every aspect of your restoration, no matter what happened in your home. We can tackle everything from minor repairs all the way to entire reconstructions of parts of your house.

Even just an inch of water has the potential to cause widespread issues for your home, so it is always recommended to call SERVPRO of Alamo Heights to help with your recovery. Call us and we will be there for you!

Do you have water damage in your home? Call us for fast and complete restoration.

Protect These 3 Locations From Water Damage | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights

5/9/2023 (Permalink)

blue bucket in the middle of the living area catching water falling from the ceiling Think you may have water damage in your home? Here are some tips from SERVPRO of Alamo Heights to find the source.

One of the constant threats to homeowners is water damage. Since this type of home damage can occur in many different ways, it can sometimes feel like we are constantly working to prevent it in our homes. Unfortunately, certain water situations can often sneak up on us and cause widespread damage before it is even discovered.

Because of the sneaky nature of water, it is important to understand the parts of your home that are most vulnerable to experiencing water damage. If you are able to stop a water leak from even occurring on your San Antonio property, the better off you will be.

Check out the top three locations for water damage troubles below:

Your roof. We all rely heavily on our roofs to keep us safe and dry throughout the seasons. Any time our roofs encounter severe weather or experience general wear and tear, roof damage can occur and can introduce water into your home.

Most of us aren’t on our roofs very often, so any damage that occurs can easily go unnoticed for a long period of time until you start to see water stains on your walls.

Once the water has started dripping down your walls, chances are that it has been leaking into your home for some time. Lingering moisture behind your walls and under your floors creates the perfect environment for mold growth.

Bathrooms. Your bathrooms are also one of the most common areas to experience water damage. As water flows through your taps and down the drains, it has the potential to leak every day.

In order to catch a leak before it spreads, it is best to check your water lines and pipes often. Even a single drip or small puddle that seems out of place should be investigated.

One of the troubles with bathrooms is that they are often continually damp. Do your best to reduce lingering moisture in your bathroom to prevent water warping your floors and wood.

Being proactive and catching these issues right away can help you stop an issue in its tracks or even prevent one from occurring altogether.

Other appliances. We would bet that you use appliances like your dishwasher, washing machine and water heater every single day. These types of appliances are handy, but only when they aren’t leaking! A leaking appliance has the ability to flood entire rooms in a manner of minutes.

The best way to stop this from occurring is to maintain your appliances, clean them regularly and pull them away from the wall often to check for signs of damage.

Another reliable way to prevent this type of water damage is to replace appliances that are aging or are becoming unreliable. All it takes is one singular event to have a massive water problem on your hands. If you do suffer water damage, we can help. Call our SERVPRO of Alamo Heights team right away.

Dealing with a water emergency? Our SERVPRO specialists can be on the scene of the disaster ASAP to restore your water-damaged home!

Recognizing Water Damage From Your Appliances | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights and Downtown San Antonio

4/14/2023 (Permalink)

a blue and white hot water heater showing signs of a water leak Have water damage in your home from an appliance? SERVPRO of Alamo Heights and Downtown San Antonio is always on call ready to help.

You never want to be betrayed by your home’s appliances! You use them all day to accomplish the important tasks of doing the dishes, cleaning clothes and even chilling your drink with ice. But we all know that a single malfunction or leak from your appliances can lead to widespread and frustrating water damage.

Water damage can occur anywhere in our homes, but the risk is definitely higher wherever an appliance with a water component is located.

By being proactive and looking for damage, you can identify issues as they are beginning and put a stop to it! This can save you valuable time and money during the recovery process.

Locating the Problem

Catching a problem as it is happening is the best way to prevent long-term damage. Start getting in the habit of looking for signs of water every time you pass by your appliances!

While a puddle right in front of your fridge is an obvious sign, it can be harder to spot if the leak originates under your machines. Because of that, it is important to pull your appliances away from the wall when you are doing a deep clean of your house! This allows you to clean behind them while also looking for signs of water damage. Mold and discolored walls are signs of a leak or problem spot somewhere.

Another part of your home that could cause water issues is your HVAC system! It should be serviced annually to ensure it is in good working order, and you should also give it a once-over regularly to check for moisture. Signs of moisture include water coming from your vents or a puddle anywhere near your system.

Don’t forget about one of the most important appliances in your home—your water heater! Water is constantly cycling through this appliance, so you should be checking it regularly as well for signs of damage or wear and tear.

Looking Toward the Future

Keeping a close eye on your machines is important, but so is routine maintenance! Most appliances have a maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer, so you should be keeping up with it to ensure your appliances remain in good condition.

In addition, you should be checking areas like your hoses and tubing coming from your fridge, dishwasher and washing machine on your own. These parts are vulnerable to holes, kinks, and general wear and tear. If you notice signs of deterioration, it’s time to replace them.

Replace them promptly with high-quality parts, and when it comes time to replace your appliances, don’t put it off! Older and outdated appliances tend to have a higher risk of malfunctioning or leaking.

Any type of water leak has the potential to cause a lot of damage. By taking charge and maintaining your appliances, you can significantly lower your risk of suffering home damage

Have water damage in your home from an appliance or another source? Our team is here to help, so call us day or night.

Keeping Unwanted Water Out of Your Home | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights SERVPRO of Downtown San Antonio

1/10/2023 (Permalink)

water failing from a sink do to a clogged drain Have water damage in your home? Contact SERVPRO of Alamo Heights and SERVPRO of Downtown San Antonio for quick and professional restoration.

We are grateful to serve the community of Alamo Heights for another vibrant year! We hope your 2023 has already gotten off to a great start.

Our team wants you and your family to stay comfortable and dry all year long, so we are offering some great tips to reduce your risk of water issues and water damage in your home in our latest blog post.

Since the potential for water damage is always constant, it is crucial that you take preventive steps every day to reduce your risk as much as possible.

How Does Water Damage Start?

Water issues could be immediately apparent in an appliance malfunction or flood, or can happen over a period of months with a single, slow drip. In any case, prevention is key! Familiarize yourself with the different ways water can sneak into your home.

Blocked gutters and damaged roofs are common causes of rainwater issues and flooding, while large appliances and other fixtures are typically the main culprits inside our walls.

Even the appliances that need water to work can be vulnerable if water infiltrates their electrical components. The sooner you can identify the issue, the better chance you have of preventing widespread damage and a costly repair bill.

How Can I Reduce My Risk for Water Damage?

Don’t be afraid to investigate! Check your bathrooms and kitchen each time you are performing your routine cleaning. Get under the sinks to look for water stains and pull back appliances to check for mold growth.

Wipe down any windows that have condensation, and follow your nose if you notice a musty smell somewhere in your home.

Preventing damage is always worth any extra work that you need to do. Water is a great resource, but it should stay where it is welcome and out of our homes.

Here in the San Antonio area, we are especially vulnerable to flooding issues. If you haven’t yet, look into your flood insurance options, keep your gutters free of debris and address any foundation issues right away.

Another great way to reduce your risk of seasonal flooding is to grade your property! Professional companies can come out and move soil around your yard to help encourage water to flow away from your foundation.

Have water damage in your home? Contact us for fast, professional restoration back to preloss condition.

Don’t Let Water Damage Surprise You | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights and Downtown San Antonio

12/10/2022 (Permalink)

a white ceiling showing signs of water damage from a leak If you experience any water damage inside your home or business, reach out to SERVPRO of Alamo Heights and Downtown San Antonio

Water is an essential part of every household, which means that the threat of water damage is always constant in our homes.

It is crucial to catch any issues early before they become larger problems later. Catch a water leak using these tips and tricks below to save you valuable time and money.

Water Leaks in Bathrooms

Water is constantly flowing through the pipes and fixtures in our bathrooms! Our sinks, bathtubs, toilets and showers are some of the most used fixtures in our homes, so it is important to check them regularly for wear and tear.

If you spot a deteriorating seal or notice a rusting water supply line, now is the time to act to stop a water leak in its tracks.

Maintain Your Appliances

One of the most common reasons for water damage in the home is faulty appliances. It is likely that you will experience a broken dishwasher or overflowing washing machine at some point in your life!

Stay on top of any maintenance and routine cleaning of your appliances to ensure that they are in top working order. On occasion, pull them away from the wall to check behind them for water spots, staining, or mold growth. Call us if you notice any of these signs of water damage!

Flooding and Other Weather Hazards

We can experience flood conditions at any point of the year. While we are grateful to normally escape harsh winters and large amounts of snow, flood water can do just as much damage!

Even though we usually avoid heavy snowstorms, we all remember what it was like to live in Texas in February 2021. Knowing that snow and cold temperatures like that are a possibility, it is important to always be prepared.

Take the time to prepare the outside of your home by clearing out gutters and downspouts and remove any debris from your roof. It is also a good idea to do a walkthrough of your home to catch any moisture issues around your windows and doors. Whatever this winter season has in store for us, you can be ready!

If you experience water damage inside your home or business, call us 247. We have the experience and equipment to get your property back in working order fast.

Are You Ready for Winter? | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights SERVPRO of Downtown San Antonio/ Team Simonis

11/30/2022 (Permalink)

a red and white severe weather alert sign If you suspect any damage to your home from a recent storm, call SERVPRO of Alamo Heights and SERVPRO of Downtown San Antonio/ Team Simonis

After a long and hot summer season, the chill of winter can be welcome for so many people! While the colder temperatures are a relief, there is still the possibility for some unsavory weather during the fall and winter seasons here in south-central Texas.

Winter Weather for the United States

It sounds like we will be in luck this season! The prediction of mild temperatures and significant rain may allow us to avoid some of the colder weather that we have seen in previous years.

However, we all know that the weather can change in an instant here and we could be surprised by snow or ice at any time.

Winter Around Alamo Heights and Downtown San Antonio

While we are most accustomed to mild temperatures, rain, and wind during the winter season, we know all too well that snow and major storms are always a possibility.

Do we need to remind you what happened in 2021? While this snowstorm was unprecedented and historic, it serves as a great example on why our homes need to be ready to keep us safe in any situation.

Winter Weather Home Precautions

Winter looks very different across the country, and our typical threats here in Texas are mostly focused on rain, ice and sleet. We still do get winter storms though as well!

This is why your emergency kit should always be stocked and ready to use. Include medications, a weather radio, food and anything else that you would need to live comfortably during a power outage or storm.

It is also a good idea to take a walk around your home to make sure your windows and doors are waterproof and well-sealed. This can save you from water damage and eventual mold growth.

Outside your home, focus on your roof, clear any leaves or debris out of your gutters and downspouts, and trim any tree branches that are hanging over your home. Keeping your roof clear helps minimize your risk of water pooling and creating issues all season long.

Even if you do your best to prepare, the unexpected can still happen. That’s where we come in! Your SERVPRO of Alamo Heights and SERVPRO of Downtown San Antonio/ Team Simonis team is ready to jump into action for you the moment that you call.

If you experience damage in a winter storm, call us. We have the experience and equipment to get your home back to normal.

Get the Facts: Flooding & Your Home | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights and Downtown San Antonio

9/7/2022 (Permalink)

a group of residential homes with major flooding in back yards Experienced water damage in your home? Call SERVPRO of Alamo Heights and Downtown San Antonio to get the restoration process started right away.

Discovering standing water in your home or basement after a storm passes can make your heart sink. Not only can the cleanup process be extensive, but water can cause lasting damages. Even if it is only just an inch or two, it can still be a massive headache to homeowners.

You may not qualify for any sort of disaster relief or be covered by flood insurance. Knowing that possibility, it is even more important to take preventive measures now to reduce your risk of suffering a large disaster later.

Considering that we are right in the middle of “Flash Flood Alley,” we are at risk of flooding problems frequently. The San Antonio River Basin is prone to overflowing and can cause flash flooding issues quickly. And the steep terrain and narrow river channels around us make us particularly vulnerable.

<h3with-your-exterior">Start With Your Exterior

When it comes to heavy rain from thunderstorms, having an effective gutter system will help protect your home. It can only work if it is functioning properly, so clear any blockages and keep your downspouts clear and pointed away from your foundation.

Choosing different landscaping options can also help if water seems to pool near your home. Add mulch up against your home to help absorb excess water or plant a garden that will help encourage water to flow away from your home to your vegetables instead.

<h3the-interior-of-your-home">Protecting the Interior of Your Home

If there is a crack in your foundation, you will find out quickly during the next storm or flooding situation. Try to inspect your foundation frequently for any cracking or obvious weathering and fix the issue right away.

Sometimes even the small steps can make a big difference in regards to protecting your home. Any preventive measures you take will help save you time and money when the situation arises.

Take special care to note any appliance leaks or dripping pipes around your home as well. A small leak can turn into a full burst without much warning, so do any necessary repairs quickly or call a professional to help.

Lastly, water is the enemy of all things paper. Take the time to get any photo albums, scrapbooks or any fragile keepsakes up off of the ground and store them on a high shelf. You should also do the same with a copy of your family’s emergency plan so that you are never without it.

Experienced water damage in your home? Call SERVPRO of Alamo Heights and Downtown San Antonio today to get your restoration completed faster.

Watch for These 3 Storm Threats | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights and Downtown San Antonio

8/21/2022 (Permalink)

a large lightning strike off in the distance of a dark sky When you suffer storm-related damage to your home or business, make SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights and Downtown San Antonio your first call.

Severe weather can be both exciting and nerve-wracking! Storms can bring much-needed rain or a relief from the humidity, but they also bring the risk of damages to your home.

In this latest blog, we will break down the three main damage threats to your home. Wind, water and impact damages are common and can cause widespread damage if the storm is strong enough.

However, just because a storm is predicted to be strong doesn’t guarantee that your home will succumb to any damages. It all depends on the severity of the storm, the location of your home in town and the landscape choices you made that contribute to your level of risk.

In Alamo Heights, we are at risk of experiencing frequent severe thunderstorms, tornadoes and flash flooding events. It is important to prepare your home ahead of any of these weather events to best protect yourself and your family.


When it comes to wind speed, tornadoes typically produce the strongest winds at over 300 mph! Severe thunderstorms cannot be overlooked though, as straight-line winds can cause incredible amounts of damage. They can also blow over 100 mph.

When the wind is this strong, trees become weightless and can be easily thrown into your home, and large debris can be picked up and tossed around as well. Stay inside whenever a storm is producing strong winds.

If you have ample time to prepare before the storm rolls into your neighborhood, take the time to tie down your outdoor furniture and clear your yard of dead branches or limbs. These simple things can reduce your damage risk easily.


If water gets into your home during a storm, it can be incredibly destructive. If you have flooding or a water leak somewhere within your home, it can be a massive headache when it comes to the cleanup process. In addition to affecting the structure of your home, mold can grow within just a couple of days.

If you frequently have flooding or water problems in your basement after a storm, it may be helpful to consider grading your property to encourage water to flow away from your foundation. You can also build yourself a rain garden to give all that unwanted water a productive place to flow to.

Also make sure you are paying special attention to your gutters. Any blockages or debris buildup can affect the way they move water away from your home. If water begins to build up on your roof, it can start to leak down through your attic.


Impact damages occur when anything heavy comes into contact with your home. This includes falling trees or any large objects like cars or trampolines as well. Usually when this type of damage occurs, it can be overwhelming.

Do your best to keep your property maintained, regularly remove any dead or dying trees and try not to keep a lot of yard clutter just laying about. Any steps you can take to remove the amount of debris a storm has to work with, the better!

Overcoming severe weather damages is not only hard work, it is also really expensive! In 2021 alone, American citizens suffered $145 billion in damages. That can be devastating to a family budget or emergency savings.

If you do discover storm damages after the next storm rolls through, call us at SERVPRO of Alamo Heights and Downtown San Antonio. We are proud of our quick response time and our thorough approach to your restoration plan.

When you suffer storm-related damage to your home or business, it’s important that you know who to call! Contact us today to get your storm damage restoration started faster.

SERVPRO wants to help you with controlling water damage, moisture and mold problems

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Property management, construction and real estate companies in San Antonio, TX face a common challenge from water damage, moisture and mold problems.  As insurance premiums rise to offset the cost of these challenges, real estate industry professionals and insurers must work together to achieve reasonable solutions.

Is media hype making the problems worse?  You Decide!

Since January 1, 2000, more than 8,000 articles have been published on the subject of “toxic” mold

“However according the Center for Disease Control and Prevention “There are very few case reports that toxic molds inside homes can cause unique or rare healthy conditions. The common health concern from molds include hay fever-like allergic symptoms.”

Facts About Mold

·        Mold has existed since ancient times.

·        The human species has always lived in the presence of mold.

·        There are over 100,000+ species of mold identified.  The unique flavor of bleu cheese is produced by mold.

·        We are constantly exposed to thousands of different types of fungi in our everyday lives.  Certain types of fungi tend to exist naturally in soils, plants, fruits and textiles. Exposure to these fungi in naturally occurring doses is generally not harmful to health.

Mold Needs the Right Environment to Grow

·        Water, moisture or high humidity

·        Food (any organic substance)

·        The right temperature (generally 68-86 degrees F, but some can grow in 30 degrees or colder)

·        Lack of ventilation

·        Mold presents greater challenges to young children, the elderly and other immunosuppressed people.

·        Some molds can produce toxins if the environmental conditions are right.

The good news is there are things you can do to reduce the growth of mold.

An Ounce of Prevention Can Protect You

The most important step you can take is to identify and humidity, moisture or water damage problems before they create bigger problems such as mold growth or structural damage.

§  Periodically inspect your building or home inside and out

§  Look for any water or moisture. Pay special attention around pipes, in basements and crawl spaces. If you see a problem, call SERVPRO of Alamo Heights to identify the extent of the damage.  Sometimes moisture in ceilings or wall cavities cannot be seen.  This provides perfect conditions for mold growth.  SERVPRO of Alamo Heights can identify this moisture and remove it.

§  Your nose knows! Musty and moldy odors may be an indicator of growing molds.  Your sense of smell may alert you to potential problems you cannot see.  Remember, the key to protecting your home or business is to identify a problem early, before it gets worse.

§  Control humidity in bathrooms and wherever water is repeatedly used. Exhaust fans, proper caulking and effective cleaning with an appropriate cleaning product will keep problems away.

§  Business: make sure your Emergency Response Plan includes vendors that have the proper personnel and reserves and guarantees response 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  This especially includes plumbers and restoration vendors like SERVPRO of Alamo Heights and Downtown San Antonio. 

§  Regularly have your HVAC system and air conditioner inspected to identify moisture problems or drain clogs.

The Progression of Water Damage | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights

5/6/2022 (Permalink)

a bathroom sink showing signs of a water leak SERVPRO of Alamo Heights is your 24/7 water restoration expert. Call us right away if you need immediate service.

A leaky faucet or small water leak in your home can often go unnoticed, but unfortunately even a small amount of moisture can have disastrous effects on your home. An average household leak can waste up to 10,000 gallons of water in a year.

Water damage quickly seeps into floors, walls and other soft surfaces of your home. It is very important to address the problem right away. The timeline of water damage progresses quickly.

In the First 24 Hours

If you live in a house, there is a one in four chance of a flood damaging your home within a 30-year period in a high-risk area. Especially living in “Flash Flood Alley” like we do, knowing what to do in the aftermath is crucial.

The first 24 to 48 hours after flooding or water damage can make the difference between short-term and long-term problems. Items like soft furnishings and upholstery will retain water, and wooden structures and furniture can swell from excess moisture.

Personal belongings like books or photographs are especially fragile and can easily be lost beyond repair. Mold can also start to grow within 24 hours so quick action is essential.

Our experts at SERVPRO of Alamo Heights will help restore rather than replace your possessions and keepsakes. If anything cannot be successfully restored, that will be communicated to you immediately. We aim to remove these types of materials as soon as possible to give them the best chance of restoration.

Within the First Week

After the first 24 hours, water damage will progress further and quickly. Mold can spread like wildfire with excessive moisture. If mold sets in, it can damage your home’s internal structures.

Additionally, porous surfaces, such as wood surfaces and walls, will become increasingly compromised. Metal surfaces will start corroding in this time frame as well.

After One Week

You must avoid letting moisture sit for an extended period of time because some effects may be disastrous or irreversible. As time goes on and no action is taken, it gets more costly and more invasive to reverse the damage. The risk for increased structural damage goes up as well.

How SERVPRO Will Help

SERVPRO’s restoration process begins with the first call, preferably within the first 24 hours of the event. Service work normally starts with a thorough extraction of water. This helps prevent the spread of water and reduces the drying time in the home.

In most cases, floors, furniture and other belongings require a deep-clean, sanitization and deodorization. After the majority of the water has been removed, our specialists will use industry-leading drying equipment to remove the water and moisture you can’t easily see.

After these initial steps, your home may need construction work to get your property back to its preloss condition. This step varies from minor projects to entire structure rebuilds in your home.

Let us simplify the restoration process by handling both the initial long-term damage mitigation and by rebuilding the affected areas. SERVPRO of Alamo Heights will keep you informed every step of the way and have you back in your home or business as soon as possible.

Regardless of the type of water damage sustained, SERVPRO has the tools and teams to help your home or business recover. Contact us 247 when you need a dependable team to help you recover.

What to Expect After Water Damage Strikes | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights

1/24/2022 (Permalink)

a house floating in a large body of water When water damage strikes, make the call to SERVPRO of Alamo Heights for A-to-Z cleanup and restoration.

It may come as a surprise to you, but 14,000 Americans have a water damage experience every day! At some point or another, it’s likely you might be one of them, and if that’s the case, you can rest assured that SERVPRO has your back.

Our team knows the process of water damage cleanup like the back of our hand, and we want to give you a rundown of what you can expect from our highly trained team of professionals:

Emergency Contact. When you call us, we will ask you a few questions so that we can better understand the situation. We then set up a time to meet and review the damage in person. We understand that any disaster is an emergency, so we make it our priority to act quickly.

Water Damage Inspection and Assessment. Once our team arrives at your home, our first step will be to ensure that the water has been stopped at the source. We will then walk through your house and around your property to evaluate the damages and make note of any hazards along the way. We then discuss with you the next steps to take.

Water Removal. If there is standing water in your home, it’s got to go! So, that’s our first step. We’ll use powerful pumps and extraction units to remove hundreds and even thousands of gallons of water from your house. Removing the water will limit its damage, help your house dry out faster and reduce the risk of mold growth.

Damaged Material Removal. While we always work with a restoration-first mindset, water damage often renders items unusable. We’ll quickly remove those from the house, which will create open space and allow for quicker drying.

Cleaning, Sanitizing and Deodorizing. If you’ve ever taken a whiff of standing water, you know it has a distinctive (and well, nasty) odor. It’s also potentially filled with toxins and other gross things, so this step is important.

Drying. When all standing water is removed, it’s important to remember that some water or at least moisture can be hidden from the naked eye. Even a tiny bit of moisture can result in mold growth, which can damage the structure of your house. To limit mold growth, we work to restore a normal moisture balance in your home.

Monitoring. While your home dries out, our job is to stay in constant contact with you. We want to ensure that your home is getting the best treatment possible, which is why we will visit daily to make sure the process is moving along smoothly.

Repairs and Construction. Once the house is entirely dried out, the rebuilding begins. Whether you need a small-scale repair or a full-on construction project, we can handle all the details from start to finish.

If water damage impacts your property, call SERVPRO for complete cleanup and restoration. We’ll make sure your property is back to normal and “Like it never even happened.”

A Leaking Water Heater Can Cause Significant Water Damage

11/17/2021 (Permalink)

As colder weather sets in, you may find yourself using hot water more than usual. Water heaters are an essential part of any home, especially in the winter months. Your hot water heater should be able to heat your home's water efficiently, allowing for a steady flow of hot water during a shower or bath, or when you're washing dishes or clothes.

If you notice that your hot water is running out faster than usual, it could mean that your hot water heater is leaking, or the water heater is faulty and needs to be repaired or replaced. A leaky water heater that goes unnoticed for too long, or that causes a flood in your home, can result in significant water damage. It's important to check on your hot water heater regularly, and to know what to look for when something seems amiss.

Leaking Water Heater

If you discover that your hot water heater is leaking, it's important to shut off the water source immediately to prevent water from continuing to pool on your floor, and to try to determine where the leak is coming from. A small leak in your water heater that is quickly noticed is often nothing to worry about and can be cleaned up by hand, however, a leak which has been standing for a long time may already be causing water damage within your flooring. If there's any doubt about how long water has been standing on your floor, especially if the flooring is made of a porous material like hardwood, it's essential to get the damage assessed by the experts at SERVPRO of Alamo Heights.

Burst Water Heater

A water heater may burst when it experiences too much pressure. This can cause a flooding event within your home, which should be considered a water damage restoration emergency. Any flooding event within your home should be tended to immediately to prevent further damages and costly repairs. The experts at SERVPRO of Alamo Heights are standing by, waiting for your call.

Water Damage Caused By a Water Heater

When there is a significant amount of standing water on your flooring, or when even a small puddle of water has been left to seep in for too long, water damage is sure to occur. Water damage presents itself in the form of rotting, mold, and mildew, but is often difficult for the inexperienced eye to catch. Some forms of harmful mold may not even be visible by the time that they are causing damage to your air quality, and mold must be eliminated by a professional.

When you've experienced water damage in your home, water damage restoration is necessary. SERVPRO of Alamo Heights is here to help with all of your water damage restoration needs. Our water damage restoration experts are available 24/7, and arrive fast to assess your damage and give you an honest quote. When you call SERVPRO of Alamo Heights, you can guarantee that your property will be treated with integrity. We thoroughly eliminate water damage, and restore your property to its original state.

SERVPRO Has the Water Damage Restoration Experts

It's important to call SERVPRO of Alamo Heights for all water damage restoration emergencies related to leaking water heaters. Our technicians are immediately dispatched to work on the scene of an emergency so that they can begin drying out your home and performing water damage restoration services. Give us a call today at (210) 822-2063!

Where to Look for Water Damage in Your Home | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights

9/9/2021 (Permalink)

Nobody rises in the morning and says “Wouldn’t it be nice to deal with a water leak today?” Usually
when something breaks, we seldom get advanced notice. Water seeks the path of least
resistance—and often that’s behind a wall or under an appliance.
Water can be a major issue if it gets in the wrong place in your home. Water needs to stay in its
designated places, including sinks, showers, tubs, washing machines and finally in the drains!
Let’s review some common sources of water damage in the home, so you’ll know where to watch:
Bathrooms. Lots of water in here, obviously. But there are also plenty of opportunities for water to
escape and go where it shouldn’t. Be careful of drain seals, and look at those supply lines
Kitchen appliances. Dishwashers, washing machines and the water heater are some of the most
leak-prone appliances. Over time, water connections can corrode or loosen. The opportunity for
leaks in these appliances are high. Water heaters have even been known to explode.
Clogged gutters. Proper gutter maintenance should be a priority at your home. Leaves and debris
that accumulate in the gutter can cause damage to your roof, walls and foundation. Debris impedes
the flow of water off of the roof and away from your home.
Roof damage. Roof leaks can occur for any number of reasons, including damage to shingles that
lets water leak into your home. Once inside, water moves around seeking the path of least
resistance. Water can easily leak onto the ceiling and down the walls.
Old cast iron pipes. Cast iron plumbing stopped being used in common home construction in the
70s. If your house was built before that time, there is a good chance you have iron pipes. A number
of issues can arise from the use of cast iron over time—most notably, slow or clogged drains due to
corrosion or infiltration of roots.
Clogged drains. Food or grease in the sink can easily clog a drain and cause a backup. Hair and
oils from moisturizers in the shower drain can accumulate and clog shower drains. Plunging these
areas too hard could create increased pressure on already weakened drain systems and cause a
Proper home maintenance is a must! A little maintenance on the front end can help you lower the
risk of leaks and save you time and money.
If a water leak erupts into a big problem at home, you&#39;ve got the best team in the business on your
side. Contact SERVPRO today so we can get started.

What To Do When Your Toilet Overflows: And Prevent It From Happening Again!

8/20/2021 (Permalink)

Toilets are a necessity in every home and it is important to keep them running properly. There's nothing worse than when you really have to go, but your own toilet is out of order. Avoid this dilemma by taking care of your toilet!

A common problem with toilets is that they can overflow. There are several reasons for this problem, and it is important that they are addressed as soon as possible to minimize health risks and damages.

Common Causes of Overflowing Toilets:

Oh no, your toilet overflowed! It happens to everyone at some point, however, it is inconvenient and can result in costly damages. In order to fix the problem and prevent it from happening again, it is important to understand why your toilet is overflowing. Here are a few of the most common causes of an overflowing toilet:

  • Blockage
  • A faulty fill valve or flapper
  • Empty tank
  • The toilet is in need of repair
  • A problem with the plumbing, which can lead to a leaky pipe
  • Overuse. Toilet overflows could be the result of more people using the toilet than usual - for example, if you just had a party or if someone has been sick recently.

What To Do When Your Toilet Overflows

It's important to act fast as soon as you realize your toilet is overflowing. The following steps should be done immediately in order to prevent costly damages and health hazards in your home:

  • Turn the emergency water shut-off valve. First, you want to cut off the water supply going into your home. This can be done by turning the emergency water shut-off valve attached to the pipe behind your toilet. When you turn the valve, you stop the flow of water into your toilet, and most importantly, you stop the toilet water from spilling all over your beautiful bathroom floor.
  • Remove as much of the water as you can. Use a wet vac, mop, or towels to soak up as much water from your floors as possible.
  • Disinfect. As you may know, toilet water is not very pristine. In order to prevent health hazards in your home, disinfect any surface that comes in contact with the toilet water.
  • Remove the blockage. If you suspect an object is the culprit of your toilet overflowing, grab the plunger and try to plunge it free.

Prevent Future Toilet Overflows

An overflowing toilet can be a huge hassle. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent it from happening again. Keep your toilet running smoothly and avoid the potential of more water damage with these tips:

  • Keep the pipes clear. You can prevent clogs by using less toilet paper and never flushing any foreign objects such as cotton balls, feminine products, or baby wipes down the drain.
  • Check for any leaks. Leaks near or around your toilet and pipes could be a sign of a serious problem. Regular checking of your pipes will allow you to identify and fix problems before they happen!
  • Call a professional. If your toilet is flushing sluggishly, it could be a sign of a clog, which could eventually lead to a toilet overflow. A professional plumber will be able to identify the problem and get your pipes flowing freely again.

Water Damage: What You Need To Know

Keeping your toilet from overflowing is essential in order to prevent serious water damage to your floors, walls, and furniture. Water damage can cause structural damage as well as create health hazards in your home. When a toilet overflows, the ensuing water creates conditions that may lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which can have detrimental effects on your health.

Our water damage restoration professionals at SERVPRO are highly trained in water removal and cleanup, as well as assessing water damages and installing clean water systems for use until repairs are made. You can rest assured that we will have everything under control in no time! Our professional water removal and restoration services will save you time and money on future repairs that may be necessary after water damages. If you need water damage cleanup and restoration, give us a call now at 210-822-2063. We are available 24/7 for all your emergency water damage needs!

9 Common Symptoms of Hidden Water Damage in Your Home

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

Spotting hidden water leaks can be tricky, but it’s important to keep an eye out for any signs of a leak before any serious damage occurs. Before any obvious signs of a leak, there’s often extensive un-seen damage that has already occurred. Left untreated, hidden water leaks can cause structural damage to your home and create a hotspot for mold and mildew growth. These issues may not only cause health effects to those in your home, but also a guaranteed hit to your wallet with major repair costs. We know that it can be difficult to catch water intrusion before any serious harm happens, so we’ve put together a list of 9 common symptoms of hidden water damage to look out for.

9 common signs of hidden water damage

1. Musty or unpleasant odors

Every home has its own unique smell, but a musty, stale smell coming from your house is usually a tell-tale sign of hidden mold growing nearby. Any stagnant water can create a perfect place for bacteria to settle and become a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

2. Stained walls or ceilings

When water intrusion occurs, dark spots can form on your walls or ceilings as they become saturated with water. Depending on the severity, these stains may soften and give in when touched as they become more saturated. If you spot any possible water stains, it’s vital to call a water damage specialist like SERVPRO right away to prevent any further structural harm.

3. Peeling paint

If excess moisture builds up in your home, the adhesiveness of any wall covering in your home may become damaged. This can lead to peeling, bubbling, and chipping of paint and wallpaper on your walls or ceilings.

4. Visible mold

Any visible mold is a definitive sign of water intrusion in your home. While you should check any obvious places like under sinks and cabinets, mold can form in many unsuspecting spots. Make sure to keep notice of any new musty smells as this can be a sign of mold growing in between walls or under flooring. Any mold may cause health effects to those in your home, so it’s important to contact a mold remediator immediately when discovered.

5. Warped flooring

If water is increasingly saturating your flooring, then warping may occur. Wood flooring may begin to swell and separate from the excess moisture; this is especially common at baseboards and doorways. Tiles affected by water intrusion may loosen or crack and grout may become damaged.

6. Unexplained humidity

While humidity levels can be affected by weather or everyday activities like cooking and showering, an unusual humidity increase may be a sign of hidden water damage in your home. Long term excess humidity can lead to damage to your walls and flooring, so it’s important to get it checked out by a professional.

7. Increase in water bill

If you get hit with a surprisingly high water bill, you may be experiencing hidden water intrusion. While your water usage can vary from month to month, it’s important to check for any leaking toilets, faucets, or sinks. Any hidden leaks can lead to extensive structural damage and heavily drive up your utility bills.

9. Strange water noises

It’s not uncommon to hear water running through your pipes after flushing the toilet or when your water heater is on. However, if you begin to hear any unexplained dripping or thumping coming from your walls, you may have a hidden leak somewhere.

Call SERVPRO of Alamo Heights for any water damage signs

If you’re experiencing any of these signs of hidden water damage, it’s important to get your home inspected to stop any damage right in its tracks. SERVPRO of Alamo Heights has the experts and tools needed to save your home. Our experienced technicians can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, for any water intrusion disasters that occur. SERVPRO’s team of highly trained specialists can provide immediate response to get your home dried as soon as possible and restore any damage that has occurred.

The SERVPRO Alamo Heights water damage restoration process

We understand that each water damage situation is different and requires its own unique solution, but our general process we work through usually stays the same. Our five-step process for a typical water intrusion emergency is listed below:

  1. Inspect and identify water damage:

    When we first arrive at your property, our experts will meticulously inspect your home or business for the water source and identify its contamination level. After stopping the source, our team will begin surveying any damage done to your property.

  1. Water removal and extraction:

     Before beginning the extraction process, SERVPRO will perform an effective move-out service of your furniture in the affected area to prevent any further damage to your belongings. Then, our team will immediately begin the water removal process using the best tools for the job, like submersible pumps and industrial wet/dry vacuums.

  1. Drying and dehumidification:

     After extracting any excess water, our team will use industrial-grade dehumidifiers and air movers to remove any retained water and prevent any further secondary water damage.

  1. Cleaning and sanitizing

   If any of your belongings experience any water damage, our SERVPRO professionals are trained with various cleaning methods to restore as much of your property as possible. Our experts will also permanently remove any left-over odors instead of using methods that only temporarily mask unpleasant smells. If any of your property suffered extensive damage and cannot be restored, SERVPRO can properly remove and dispose of any materials.  

  1. Restoration

    Depending on the severity of the water intrusion, you may require emergency building services and repairs. SERVPRO is equipped to handle any home repairs, such as drywall replacement or entire room reconstruction.

Get your home back with SERVPRO of Alamo Heights

We understand how devastating it can be to discover hidden water damage. Our water damage restoration specialists are here to respond to any emergency water intrusion 24 hours a day, seven days a week. SERVPRO promises to complete the job efficiently and correctly to restore your home or business as soon as possible.

Call now at (210) 822-2063 or request help online for any water damage restoration needs.

Signs of a Water Issue at Home | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights

5/24/2021 (Permalink)

a person in distress looking at a wall where water damage has occurred SERVPRO of Alamo Heights is a full restoration company. Our restoration experts are on call and ready to help you determine the best course of action.

You’re finally sitting in your quiet living room curled up with that new e-book when you hear it—an unfamiliar drip.

It’s not the kitchen sink; you can see that from your couch. It’s not in the bathroom, either. Closer investigation reveals the source of the sound. It’s…inside your wall? That can’t be good.

Sounds strange, but it happens. And it’s just one of many unfortunate indicators that you could have a water issue in your home.

Around 14,000 Americans a day face a water damage emergency. It’s one of the most common and most costly repairs for home and property owners.

So how can you catch a water issue before it becomes a major repair need? Look for these key indicators of trouble:

Wet or dark spots in the ceiling. These are indicators of water leakage from above—a leaky roof if you’re in the top story of your home or likely a leaky bathroom if you’re in a lower floor.

Unusual or musty smells. If it suddenly smells like Grandma’s basement from the 70s, there’s probably some excess moisture gathering somewhere, and potentially mold as well.

Flaky or bubbly paint. Bubbles in your walls or ceiling could indicate that water is leaking in and causing paint to crack and flake.

Dripping sounds. If you hear dripping or running water where there wasn’t or shouldn’t be any, you should search out the sound to see if it leads to a leak.

Increased utility bills. If your water bill is suddenly much higher, it could be a simple toilet fix, but it could also be a leak in a less-than-obvious location. Check basements, crawlspaces and water heaters first.

You’re not alone. Water leaks in the United States alone waste up to a trillion—yes, a trillion—gallons of water per year. You’re highly likely to experience a water emergency at some point, but finding and dealing with it early will be a key factor in determining whether it’s a minor inconvenience or a full-blown home disaster.

If you notice any of these signs in your home, let us take a look. Our expert water restoration technicians can help you determine what is causing these issues and how to treat it properly. Contact us today to learn more.

When to Call a Water Restoration Professional for Your Terrell Hills Home | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights

1/7/2021 (Permalink)

white wall with water damage spots and peeling paint Do you have any water damage to your walls or ceiling? Contact SERVPRO of Alamo, we will help guide you through the restoration process.

Water damage claims are among the most common ones filed by homeowners every year. And they’re a growing number of claims. Industry experts explain that the number of fire damage claims have been dropping over recent years, but the number of claims for water damage has risen steadily.

If you’re an Alamo Heights area homeowner, you may be wondering when you could need water damage restoration help.

Sometimes a leak from the dishwasher cable or refrigerator, if caught early, can be cleaned up with old towels or a mop. But in other cases, you may need professional help to set your home back to its original state and prevent further damage to your property.

Signs to Look for When Dealing With Water Damage

Here’s what you might notice when you’re dealing with water damage that needs remediation by professionals:

You notice signs of mold. Does your home have a musty odor? That can be among the first signs of mold damage, meaning if you notice that scent, it’s time to call in a professional to help you deal with remediation issues.

Your floorboards or furniture are starting to warp. Damaged wood will start to warp within days. If that happens in your home, it’s best to start seeking help from professionals who can help you restore your home. This type of damage only gets worse over time.

You notice issues with the windows or walls in your home. Like your floors, your window panes and walls can start to warp if the water damage is severe enough. Depending on how severe your water issues are, this can be a sign of a major issue. That means it’s imperative if you notice these signs to get remediation help very soon.

If you have water damage in your home due to a burst pipe or another cause, you can count on us for restoration assistance. We have teams who are available 247 in the event of an emergency. Contact us at any time to learn more about our restoration services.

How Can I Check for Water Damage Around the House? | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights

9/29/2020 (Permalink)

tan wall with water damage spots showing through Do you have any water damage to your home? Contact SERVPRO of Alamo Heights, we are your local water restoration experts.

When it comes to a home’s structural integrity, water damage is considered the No. 1 enemy. Not only can water damage cause peeling paint or discoloration, but it can also lead to degradation of your home’s insulation, framework, subfloor and more, causing extensive damage if it is allowed to sit untreated.

Fortunately, checking your home for water damage is something you can (and should) do on a regular basis to stop any issues from becoming severe. The average water damage claim is $10,000 or more, but catching it early can significantly reduce how expensive or complicated it is to restore.

How to Do a Household Water Damage Inspection

Inspect your walls and ceilings. Because walls and ceilings make it easy to spot water damage, they are a good place to start. Unusual stains, softened drywall or bubbling paint can all be signs of water damage, whether it is a result of weather or a leaky pipe. It is also wise to pay extra attention to window frames and doors, as these are common damage hotspots.

Don’t forget to look down. Floors are another common area where water damage can manifest, as it is quite common to have water pool and saturate the subfloor at the lowest spot. If the floor appears warped, buckled or generally smells damp, it might be a sign that there is water damage below the surface.

Inspect your roof. Your roof is the first line of defense against weather-related water damages, and a visual inspection can tell you a lot about your overall risk levels. Look for missing shingles, damaged flashing or other signs of damage that might indicate a leak is developing. It is also wise to go outside during the next rain shower to verify that all your gutters are working properly to route water away from your home’s foundation.

Pay close attention to the basement. Basements are known for having moisture buildup and flooding, but that does not have to be a fact of life. Watch carefully for signs of moisture in your basement, especially if there is a musty odor present that might be indicative of too-high humidity levels. Consider installing a sump pump and a dehumidifier to take care of any damp air, and watch for signs that the problem is more serious.

If you have water damage anywhere in your home, we are here to help. You can contact us at any hour to learn more about our services or to report damages. Get in touch today to speak with a water damage restoration expert.

When You Least Expect it Water Damage May Occur

7/31/2020 (Permalink)

Water Running Through Garage SERVPRO of Alamo Heights is always available for our customers.

If you have ever opened your garage and saw water running out of your house, then you understand how nerve-wracking water damage can be.  SERVPRO of Alamo Heights is here to ensure that your home is properly, according to IICRC standards, mitigated to help alleviate your worries.  As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Alamo Heights understands the needs of our community and you can rest assured that we will be here for you anytime, day or night.  Beginning with mitigation and ending with reconstruction, SERVPRO of Alamo Heights will ensure that your home looks like "It Never Even Happened" at completion.  SERVPRO of Alamo Heights works with our customers to ensure that your concerns receive the utmost attention.  Call us today and see the SERVPRO of Alamo Heights difference.

Quick Tips for Summer Storm Safety | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights

7/9/2020 (Permalink)

lighting striking hillside during storm at night Have you been affected by a storm event? SERVPRO of Alamo Heights is available 24/7 and ready to assist you with any storm damage.

As the temperatures rise and the humidity builds, severe weather simply becomes a part of many summer days. While these storms can feel rather routine, it is also important that you always prioritize safety when they are in the forecast.

Though many storms pass through without incident, they all have the ability to produce lightning, wind and hail, so knowing your options for shelter and how to keep yourself as safe as possible is wise.

Staying Safe During Summer Storms

Know your options for shelter. Ideally, the best place to be in the event of severe weather is an interior room of your own home, with no outward-facing windows or doors. However, if you get caught on the road in the storm, staying in your car is the second-safest thing to do. Pull the car over and turn off the engine, and avoid touching anything metal inside the vehicle until the storm passes.

Practice electrical safety. If lightning strikes your home, it can travel through the electrical wires on its way to ground itself—and damage your electronics in the process. If you know a storm is coming, take the time to unplug everything in the home to avoid an electrical surge. Because storms happen suddenly, it is also wise to use surge protectors throughout the house in case you are unable to unplug everything before lightning becomes a threat.

Avoid direct contact with concrete. While a concrete structure might logically seem like the safest place to be during a storm, that is not always the case. Many types of concrete are reinforced with metal rods in their interior, meaning if lightning were to strike, the concrete itself could transfer the charge to anyone touching the surface. If possible, avoid direct contact with concrete any time a storm is nearby.

Stay indoors for at least 30 minutes. Storms often move through an area quickly, and once the skies have cleared again, you might be ready to resume your day. But going outside prematurely can still put you in danger as lightning can strike up to 25 miles away from the actual storm. You should wait at least 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder in order to ensure you will not be in harm’s way.

If your home sustains damage due to a storm, you can count on us to help. Contact us at any hour to learn more about our storm restoration process.

The 6-Step Water Damage Restoration Process That Sets Us Apart | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights

4/17/2020 (Permalink)

interior wood floor partially submerged in water When dealing with water damage, immediate action is crucial. Contact SERVPRO of Alamo Heights for prompt & dependable service.

When your property incurs water damage, acting quickly is the single most important thing that you can do.

When you discover water damage, you can count on our six-step restoration process to truly restore your property to its pre-damage condition. Here’s how it works:

6 Steps to Water Damage Restoration

1. Initial Emergency Contact
You can call us 24 hours a day to begin the water restoration process because taking immediate action is crucial after water damage occurs. When you call us, we will ask you questions to get an overview of the damage and to help us determine what resources to dispatch to you.

2. Inspection and Damage Assessment
When we arrive on the scene in response to water damage, we will do a detailed property inspection to assess the scope of the damage and to develop a thorough plan of action. We will identify the water source, the category of water and check for safety concerns.

3. Moisture Extraction
The water extraction process will remove the majority of moisture via our vacuum and pump units. We will start this process as quickly as possible to lessen the likelihood of more damage occurring and to reduce drying time. We can also help you move out your belongings in the event that they might be damaged as well.

4. Dehumidifying and Drying
After the excess water has been removed, we can begin fully drying all porous materials that have absorbed water. Our industrial-grade equipment moves air quickly and helps moisture to evaporate as fast as possible, which will dry out floors, walls and carpets as well as discourage mold growth.

5. Cleaning and Repair
After sustaining water damage, impacted surfaces will typically require professional cleaning. In addition to structural cleaning, we will clean your belongings that are able to be restored. We will also do odor removal to prevent the musty odor that water-damaged objects often develop.

6. Restoration
The final step is ensuring that your property is restored to its pre-water condition. This will involve things like drywall and flooring repairs or even reconstruction. By working with us, you are working with a company that can handle all elements of the restoration, including the difficult reconstruction parts that truly restores things back to their pre-damaged state.

If your home has been water-damaged, you can count on us to help. Call us 247 to get the process started.

When Water Damage Strikes San Antonio

3/2/2020 (Permalink)

The first 24 hours following a water loss are the most important in preventing secondary or permanent damage.  SERVPRO of Alamo Heights will be on-site to help ensure a water damage is handled within four hours.  We will take the following steps to ensure your home or office is taken care of completely.

  • INSPECTION: SERVPRO of Alamo Heights professionals will inspect affected areas to determine the extent of the water damage and will review the inspection with you to answer any questions before begging the work.
  • EMERGENCY SERVICES: SERVPRO of Alamo Heights professionals will take steps to help protect your home or business, as well as personal property and other contents, from further damage by extracting the excess water and preparing the area for drying.  We will explain the needed emergency services to you step-by-step.
  • MONITORING: To help ensure your home or business and belongings are dried to appropriate industry standards, a SERVPRO of Alamo Heights professional will monitor the drying process.
  • RESTORATION SERVICES: SERVPRO of Alamo Heights will repair structural materials, reinstall carpets, and clean affected areas of your property and contents.  A final walk-through of the job-site will be conducted with you to help ensure the property was returned to preloss condition. 

Hidden Places Homeowners May Find Water Damage | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights

9/30/2019 (Permalink)

Not only can water damage be inconvenient, but it can also be unpredictable. While damage from flooding or storms is more obvious, water damage can be the result of many different things.

As a homeowner, the risks of water damage are high. The average cost of a water damage insurance claim is over $6,000, but often water damage will not be covered by insurance at all. That is why it is recommended that homeowners thoroughly check hidden places in the home that might harbor water damage.

Hidden Places Homeowners May Find Water Damage

  • Beneath a window. Rain can easily seep through the window and wall, trickling in between the wood without notice. This can rot walls and lead to expensive repairs.

  • Under siding. Leaky spots in the siding, normally found around the corners or anywhere else two panels meet, can allow water to leak in and damage the plywood underneath.

  • The threshold of an exterior door. The metal door threshold is mounted on wood, which can eventually become waterlogged and swell with time.

  • Under paint on exterior windowsills. If the outside of a windowsill has been painted many times, as is common on older homes, water can seep in between the paint and wood without being readily apparent.

  • Under the dishwasher. Leaks can occur from the tub of the dishwasher or in the supply or drain lines, which can do serious damage to the subfloor before they are ever detected due to their hidden locale.

  • Beside the bathtub or shower. New plumbing developments have reduced the risk of leaks in water lines, but there is always a chance one will occur within the home’s walls.

  • Under an unsteady toilet. If a seal within the toilet has become worn, water can begin to leak onto the wood underneath. Often the first indication of this is the toilet wobbling because the floor has become unsteady.

Exploring the Various Causes of Water Damage | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights

7/17/2019 (Permalink)

For something that is so necessary to life, water can also become highly problematic in the right circumstances. One such circumstance is water damage.

Where water damage is concerned, there can be numerous causes and reasons behind it. Do you know what some of the top causes are?

Identifying Common Causes

From 2009 to 2015, The Travelers Companies Inc. found that the five most common causes of home claims were:

  • Exterior wind damage
  • Non-weather-related water damage
  • Hail
  • Weather-related water damage
  • Theft

Water damage cracks the top five list twice, simply because water damage is no joke. As pointed out on that top five list, water damage is broken down into two separate categories: non-weather-related and weather-related.

Non-weather-related water damage is the most common at home and stems from things like plumbing and appliance issues. Weather-related water damage can be just as problematic, but is not as common. This type of damage can happen due to rain, snow or melting ice.

When it comes to your home, the top five reasons for water damage are:

  • Plumbing issues
  • Washing machine leaks
  • Busted water pipes
  • Aging water heaters
  • Bad weather

It’s also important to note that from a cost perspective, water damage and freezing issues averaged a payout per claim of $8,861 between 2011 and 2015.

Preventing Water Damage

The cost of water damage can be high, but it could be higher if not covered by homeowners insurance. Be sure to check on your policy to see what is covered—in most cases, the following damages are covered in a standard policy:

  • Damages caused by the weight of ice, snow or sleet
  • Discharge and overflow of water, even if by accident
  • Tearing apart, cracking, burning or bulging of a steam or hot water heating system
  • Freezing of plumbing and pipes

Fortunately, it is possible to prevent some water damage situations and save yourself the hassle of dealing with the mess.

You can utilize preventive fixes and routine maintenance to keep your home as dry as possible. Some of these include:

  • Applying water sensors and automatic shut-off valves
  • Having a plumber install back flow valves and standpipes in basement drains
  • Elevating appliances and personal items in the basement
  • Installing metal mesh connection hoses on the washer and dryer
  • Keeping gutters and downspouts free of leaves and debris
  • Flushing the hot water tank every six months to rid it of sediment
  • Not pouring grease down the kitchen sink
  • Running the sump pump every few months and cleaning it before the rainy season

By following these tips, you may be able to reduce and/or prevent certain water damage situations at home.

Water damage can be a nightmare to deal with, but fortunately, you will always have SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights on your side to help with the cleanup and restoration process.

Water damage can lead to mold in Alamo Heights

6/7/2019 (Permalink)

Mold growth looms as a potential problem for any homeowner in San Antonio. Mold spores coexist within residential settings, encompassing both outdoor and indoor environments. Although they usually pose little harm, when moisture is present, the invisible mold spores explode into invasive mold colonies. Our mold remediation services can help.

Mold damage is sometime visible in a San Antonio home, but it also announces itself with an unpleasant, musty odor. Ignoring a moldy smell is not advisable as large mold infestations can hide between walls, in attics and foundations, under flooring, and above ceilings. If you notice staining or some feathery or leathery growth, alert our remediation team. A small visible mold issue may be just the tip of a significant mold invasion.

SERVPRO mold remediation teams train to IICRC, EPA, and OSHA standards. We cannot promise to eliminate mold spores, but we can eradicate active mold colonies and take steps to inhibit further mold growth. Some individuals are sensitive to the vast quantities of mold spores generated by colony growth and the byproducts some molds shed as they multiply. Because of this, it is critical that EPA Precautions be observed during remediation.

Mold debris needs containment during remediation. SERVPRO employs a variety of strategies to keep individuals safe during mold abatement. Our employees wear personal protective equipment and shield unaffected areas of your home during the remediation process. We use physical barriers such as heavy-duty plastic sheeting to contain the debris. Negative pressure air scrubbers use filters and suction to keep the moldy particles away from people and clean areas of your home during the project.

Once the chosen containment strategies are in place our crew scrapes and sometimes blasts, using soda as a gentle abrasive, the mold off of surfaces. We bag and dispose of the moldy materials per local codes. Then the surfaces receive an EPA registered antimicrobial treatment to limit the possibility of additional mold growth.

SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights also identifies and recommends elimination of the moisture sources that fuel the mold growth. If the dampness, spills, leaks, or condensation that encouraged mold spores to multiply are not resolved, mold can return.

SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights is ready to help remediate a mold damage issue in your San Antonio home. Call us at (210) 822-2063 if you suspect mold growth and we can assess the situation and develop a plan.

For more information about the Parks in San Antonio, click here.

Understanding the 3 Water Classifications | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights

2/25/2019 (Permalink)

It is easy to think that all water causing damage is the same, but there are three classifications for it: clean, gray and black. Understanding the differences in these types of water can also help you understand how to better handle the situation.

No matter what type of water has caused damage, there will always be a cleanup and restoration process to follow. The most important aspect is to remove all the moisture and damp items quickly, so that mold cannot begin to flourish in its ideal environment.

Clean Water

Much like its name states, this water is considered “clean” and not the type to pose an immediate threat to your health. This water is free of contaminants and can come from:

  • Broken water lines
  • Malfunctioning appliances
  • Toilet holding tanks
  • Snow melt and rainwater

This is the easiest type of water damage to work with, as there will be fewer microbes living in the water, but after 48 hours and following contact with the surfaces of a building, clean water can move up to category two, which is gray water.

Gray Water

Gray water is where water damage cleanup and restoration can become a bit more serious. This is water that may pose a health risk, due to containing chemical or biological contamination. The slight contamination in gray water means that it would need to be thoroughly treated before being safe to consume.

Gray water can come from dishwashers, aquariums, showers, etc. The 48-hour exposure time applies here as well, with gray water turning into black water if not treated.

Black Water

Black water is the most serious of the three classifications, and is considered highly contaminated by harmful chemicals and biological matter. This would include floodwaters containing soil and all sewage waters.

Sewage is contaminated with microbes, including bacteria, protozoans, molds, fungis and more—many of these can be harmful to humans.

Some of the diseases that can be transmitted by black water are:

  • Cholera
  • Typhoid
  • Hepatitis
  • Gastroenteritis-type illnesses

Remember, when it comes to floods, all waters should be assumed to be black water since it picks up contaminants along its path.

The three classifications of floodwater are recognized by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Remediation Certification (IICRC), an organization that certifies and sets the standards for the cleaning and restoration industries. Our technicians all study IICRC standards and best practices in water restoration and are available to help determine the steps to take to get your home back to normal.

It doesn’t matter what type of water has caused damage to your home or business, SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights is here to help get the situation under control and make it "Like it never even happened." Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need emergency cleanup and restoration services!

Ways to Protect Your Home From Water Damage | SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights

2/19/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage can be one of the most common and costliest disasters your home may experience. From a burst pipe to a malfunctioning dishwasher or storm damage, there are countless ways water damage could strike your home.

While water damage can be an especially common issue for homeowners to deal with, there are plenty of ways you can help protect your home from some trying scenarios.

<h4your-home">Protecting Your Home

Not only is water damage a hassle to deal with, but it can have a long-term impact on your home. Mold is one of the most common side effects of water damage, as mold can begin to grow and flourish within 48 hours of exposure to moisture.

When thinking about ways to protect your home, it can be helpful to break it down by areas of impact. These areas could include basements, kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and ceilings.

You can help prevent water damage in the basement by helping prevent water seepage. This can be done by resealing vulnerable areas of the basement, making sure water drains away from your home and installing a backwater valve.

Your kitchen and bathrooms can experience water damage due to plumbing issues and appliance failures.

Be sure you:

  • Inspect all appliances regularly, watching for issues with hoses and faucets
  • Check the seal and caulking around your showers and tubs to make sure they are watertight
  • Know where the main shut-off valve is in your home
  • Don’t leave the house while the washer or dishwasher is running

Protecting the possessions in your home from water damage is not always possible, but there are things you can do to at least decrease the amount of destruction. Using waterproof bins to store items is always advised, as is keeping items stored on shelving off of the floor—which is especially recommended when using your basement for storage.

<h4from-water-damage">Recovering From Water Damage

If your home does experience a water damage situation, you can stand a good chance at salvaging items that can be dried out within 48 hours.

You’ll want to contact your insurance provider immediately and evaluate the extent of the water damage in your home as well as identify the type of water that is involved.

The three types of water are:

1. “Clean” water. Can be from rain, condensation, leaky pipes, etc.

2. Gray water. Slightly dirty water from dishwashers, washing machines, clean toilets, etc.

3. Black water. Water from sewage or serious flooding from nearby rivers, etc. This water can cause serious health problems.

Following a water damage disaster, you will need to get your home dried out, dehumidify the area, remove wet objects and disinfect remaining materials.

Pro tip: You can put wet books, photos and papers in a frost-free freezer to buy some extra time. This prevents mold and mildew from developing and causing more deterioration. Once able, you can remove them from the freezer and air-dry or fan-dry the pages.

It may seem like recovering from water damage is an overwhelming and slightly impossible task, but it doesn’t have to be. You can call on the highly trained experts at SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights, who are here to make it "Like it never even happened."

Plumbing Breaches Often Require Water Removal In Your Alamo Heights Home

7/5/2018 (Permalink)

Get fast water removal after a burst pipe with the help of SERVPRO

Among the more recent bouts of extreme weather conditions that affected Leon Valley residents, the only threat that your homes face is not exclusively coming at you from the outside. While you should work to safeguard your home from the possibility of natural disasters as much as possible, indoor plumbing can also cause the same kind of catastrophe to affect both the structural integrity and the condition of your house.

While you might think of a breach in your plumbing as little more than a simple cleanup job, it likely requires professional water removal services for Alamo Heights residence. Every homeowner cares about protecting their investment, and your home's health becomes in jeopardy from poor cleaning techniques that do not adequately address the problem.

Our SERVPRO professionals understand that in these situations, time is of the essence. The longer those high volumes of water pool throughout the affected areas of your home, the more they weaken structural elements and cause more penetrative damages.

Locating the source of the damage is also a critical step in the restoration process for our SERVPRO team. By locating the problem, we can work to get the pipes repaired and the water back on to the rest of your house to help you return to your normal life while the restoration process is underway.

Water removal itself is often an involved process. Starting with portable pumps and wet-vacs, our team works to pull up all of the immediate pooling. More confined spaces and difficult to reach points require specialized drying equipment to reach, such as our injectidry system to reach into wall cavities. Thorough drying is critical for a successful restoration job.

While there might be multiple threats that your home faces over its lifetime, you cannot always account for or prevent some of them. With your indoor plumbing, most homeowners do not realize there is a problem until they are facing the pool of water the incident created. Trust in our SERVPRO of Alamo Heights technicians to help you clean up the mess, remove the water, and get back to your regular life. You can call us anytime at (210) 822-2063

Learn more about Alamo Heights by click here.

Hidden Moisture in San Antonio

5/11/2018 (Permalink)

There are many sources of water damage that can occur, that SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights professionals take care on a daily bases. Our production team is highly trained to tackle all types of water damage.

Water may enter a building by a number of routes. Water may be from either external or internal sources. The water may be relatively clean of contain some degree of contamination.

Damage from wind storms or other causes may allow rain to enter through the roof. Ice dams on sloped roofs can force water to travel under roofing material and into the building.

Poor construction methods, faulty plumbing or water pipes that freeze and burst can result in water where it was never intended to be. The water may come from lines carrying potable water, which is safe for drinking or a the source could be a backed up sewer-line. Faulty appliances or damaged water beds may also be the cause of a water loss.

Have water or flood damage? Have more questions? Visit our website.

SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights

Call SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights: 210-822-2063

Why SERVPRO of Alamo Heights

3/29/2018 (Permalink)

When choosing a water damage company, reputation is key.  SERVPRO of Alamo Heights knows that customer service is of the utmost importance and we value every customer that we serve.  Here is a real quote from a real customer:

"I know people are always quick to write when something bad happens, but I am writing to you because I had a great experience with SERVPRO®.

My house was destroyed last May from a crack in the line of the toilet. I was at work and received a call from my HOA that water was pouring out of my house.  I had no idea the damage that was being done to my house. I came home, saw the damage, and began to freak out. The ceiling fell to the floor in two places, I had no idea where to
begin. My insurance agent suggested I call SERVPRO® and my, am I happy I did.

SERVPRO® came to my house within an hour and assured me that everything was going to be ok. Throughout the entire process, I was updated daily on what was happening and what the next steps were.

We are still in the middle of construction and I was sad to see SERVPRO® go because their part was done. They were very helpful and always available to answer any of my questions.
I just wanted to say thank you for being a part of such a great company."

- Julian, CA

When Water Damage Strikes San Antonio

3/29/2018 (Permalink)

Two technicians extracting and setting equipment during a water damage For a full-service SERVPRO in San Antonio, look no further than your local SERVPRO of Alamo Heights to make it "like it never even happened."

The first 24 hours following a water loss are the most important in preventing secondary or permanent damage. Within four hours of loss notification, a SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights Franchise Professional will be on-site to help ensure a water damage is handled by completing the following steps.

SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights Franchise Professionals will inspect affected areas to determine the extent of water damage and will review the inspection with you to answer any questions before beginning any work.

SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights Franchise Professionals will take steps to help protect your home or business, as well as personal belongings and other contents, from further damage by extracting the excess water and preparing the area for drying. They will explain the needed emergency services to you step-by-step.

To help ensure your home or business and belongings are dried to appropriate industry standards, a SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights Franchise Professional will monitor the drying process. The updates will be consistently communicated to you.

SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights Franchise Professionals will repair structural materials, reinstall carpets, and clean affected areas of your property and belongings. A final walk-through of the job site will be conducted with you to help ensure the property was returned to preloss condition.

A Small Leak Could Be A Big Problem

3/6/2018 (Permalink)

The first 24 hours following a water loss are the most important in preventing secondary or permanent damage. Within four hours of loss notification, our SERVPRO of Alamo Height's professionals will be on-site to help ensure a water damage is handled by completing the following steps.

There is no such thing as a small disaster, especially when a small leak now could blossom into a big claim later. Unseen water can soak through walls, seep through carpet and pool on subfloors, causing major problems over time. Instead of trusting untrained eyes, we can help ensure the value of your client's property by calling SERVPRO® of Alamo Height's highly trained professionals.

The Science of Drying in San Antonio

2/8/2018 (Permalink)

Did you know there is actually a science behind the process of drying?  The knowledge of psychrometrics is essential to restoring a water damaged structure to its preloss condition. While your initial reaction may be to grab a few towels to mop up the mess and place a fan or two around the damaged area, your local SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights Franchise Professionals are trained in the science of drying and follow strict industry-approved standards to help lower the chances of any secondary damages. If your business suffers a water damage, your local SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights Franchise Professional will: 

  • Inspect the building to detect every component that is wet, to help prevent secondary damage from happening.
  • Measure how much moisture is in wet materials and monitor whether the materials are drying properly.
  • Speed up Mother Nature by using professional drying equipment.

What exactly does “speed up Mother Nature” mean? A wet building can often dry naturally because the environment always seeks equilibrium. When materials are wet, moisture will naturally move to drier air at the surface of the material–but only if the air is, indeed, drier. The only problem is, nature often takes too long and secondary damages may occur while the building is drying out. For this reason, your local SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights Franchise Professionals have been trained to use top-of-the-line equipment to help Mother Nature along, including equipment to help dry hardwood floors, tough-to-reach spaces inside walls, and much more.

SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights also uses state-of-the-art monitoring equipment and a proven scientific process
to help speed the drying of your home or business.

When Disaster Hits

12/3/2017 (Permalink)

Disasters can happen at anytime! SERVPRO of Alamo Heights can help you become better prepared for any disaster that may happen with the SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile (ERP). 

As many as 50% of businesses close down following a disaster, according to the latest research. Of the businesses that survive, the overwhelming majority of them had a preparedness plan in place. Pre-planning can serve as an insurance policy aimed at peace of mind. And knowing you are "Ready for whatever happens" speaks trust to your clients and employees that in the event your business is affected by a disaster, they don’t necessarily have to be.

By developing a SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile for your business, you minimize business interruption by having an immediate plan of action. Knowing what to do and what to expect in advance is the key to timely mitigation and can help minimize how water and fire damage can affect your business.

Why Choose SERVPRO of Alamo Heights for your San Antonio Water Damage?

7/5/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Alamo Heights is here to help with any of your home water damage remediation needs.  We take great pride in ensuring that all of our customer's have a positive experience.  Don't take our word, here is a quote from a customer:

I want to thank SERVPRO® for the service provided to me for a flooded duplex due to a
broken pipe. The damage was extensive, and even though I have built a couple of houses
for myself years ago, I did not have the time or contacts to proceed with the mitigation
and restoration work.

I was worried about the displacement of my tenants and completely losing them. SERVPRO® was on the scene within an hour. From the day of
the damage until the job was completed, it only took four weeks. This was no easy task.
I lost almost all the sheetrock downstairs. All the flooring throughout the unit needed to be replaced. The subflooring upstairs was buckled and ruined.  The trim had to be replaced,
the kitchen cabinets had to be pulled. Even the garage needed new sheetrock. Thank you for
the great service. You saved my duplex, kept my tenants, and helped me make peace with the insurance company. I’ve got you guys on speed dial. Thank you very much.
-David R.

Alamo Heights Water Damage Explained

5/10/2017 (Permalink)

Although San Antonio, TX, is known for its dry climate, the professionals at SERVPRO of Alamo Heights know there are several ways liquid can easily enter your space and cause water damage to floors, ceilings, and walls. Their knowledge comes from experience providing area residents with water extraction, mold remediation, and restoration services for commercial and residential properties. 

If you’re experiencing water damage in your home or office, San Antonio’s leading restoration professionals share the top three common causes:

1. Sewer & Drain Clogs   

One of the main functions of septic equipment is to safely and securely transport waste water away from your property. For the system to effectively do its job, sewer and drain lines need to be free of blockages. When debris buildup clogs the channels, waste has nowhere to go but back up through drains and into your space. The standing water can damage the floor near drains and fill your home with awful odors.  

2. Broken Pipes Under Sinks

You might not notice a loose or broken pipe under your bathroom or kitchen sink at first. However, over time, constant pressure from running water can cause the damaged pipe to burst. The eruption of water can cause major damage throughout the area, from warping wooden cabinetry to staining ceramic flooring.

3. Appliance Problems

Major appliances, like air conditioners and refrigerators, produce a lot of condensation. When inner components that monitor condensation are damaged, the moisture buildup can lead to leaks. Because your washing machine also uses a lot of water, problems with the device can also cause water damage, mildew, mold growth, and foundation damage.    

Don’t let a pipe burst, sewer problems, or flooding destroy your property. If you experience water damage in your San Antonio home or office, call (210) 822-2063 to speak with the friendly receptionist.

Understanding Water Types in Alamo Heights, TX

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When your home or business suffers a water damage, understanding what type of water you are dealing with is critical to ensuring proper cleanup.


There are three types of water.  Clean water is from a broken pipe, or other water source.  The term gray water is used to classify slightly contaminated water.  Clean water becomes gray water when it is left untreated allowing bacteria & other contaminants to begin growing, making the water hazardous.  Black water is highly contaminated & filled with fungi, bacteria, chemicals & more.  Black water is typically caused by sewage damage, flooding or any type of natural disaster.  Black water should always be handled by trained professionals such as your local SERVPRO of Alamo Heights professionals.  We are here to serve our Alamo Heights community day or night every day of the year at


(210) 822-2063

How Can SERVPRO of Alamo Heights Help You?

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Oftentimes we are asked how exactly can we help you?  

Here are some answers to commonly posed questions:

We can help with your water event; but what is a water event anyways? 

  A water event is any time that water is in a place within your house that it is not supposed to be.  Some common examples include: dishwasher overflow, pipe burst, flood water, roof leak, washing machine overflow, toilet overflow, washing machine line break, AC leak, refrigerator/ freezer leak, etc.  If you see water that is not supposed to be there, give us a call at (210) 822-2063.

So, what exactly will you do for my water event?

  We will have certified, background cleared professionals that come out for to scope (inspect) your home within four hours of your call, day or night, to determine where the water has caused damage.

But won't this inspection cause further damage?

  We use non-invasive moisture meters and a thermal imaging camera to find the hidden water and hidden damage, so no additional damage is caused to your home.

Well, then what will you actually do?

  We will then, per IICRC guidelines (our governing body) and our 46 years of experience as the industry leading water mitigation company, dry your home to make it "like it never even happened."  We work with all insurances companies and will make sure that both you and your insurance know what is going on to help put your mind at ease.

What if I don't have insurance?

  Have no fear, SERVPRO of Alamo Heights is here!  We accept all major credit cards and will work directly with you on payment arrangements.

I didn't have a water event, so how else can you help me?

  We also help with fire damages and smoke damages.  A fire is a traumatic event in anyone's life and we work with you to get your life back to normal as soon as possible.  We will come into your home to perform a scope (inspection) of your home and let you know what needs to be done within four hours of your initial call.  At a minimum, fires typically require soot removal/ cleaning of all affected areas and deodorization.  We make sure that everything is done completely so that the trauma is as short lived as possible. 

What else do you do?  I have never experienced a water event or a fire at my house, so why should I call you?

  We also do:

·         Bio-hazard clean-up

·         Crime scene clean-up

·         Vandalism clean-up

·         Sewage clean-up

What areas do you service?

  We have worked all around the country.  On a day to day basis we work primarily within 50 miles of San Antonio, TX

When are you available?

  We have someone available for water and fire damages twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

SERVPRO of Alamo Heights is Here to Help

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In the event of a water damage remember:

1.  SAFETYSERVPRO of Alamo Height’s number one priority and what you should do first

a.  Ensure that it is safe to enter into the premises.

b.  Electricity is one of the most dangerous situations in regards to water. An electricity check should be made to ensure that the water is not in direct contact with any electricity. DO NOT enter the premises until this is resolved.

c.  Slip/ fall dangers: remember that water makes floor surfaces incredibly slippery, so ensure that you are wearing the proper shoes to prevent slips

d.  Use caution when trying to move items that are saturated with water as they will be heavier than usual

2. Turn off the water source- as water is allowed to continue running it is continuing to damage your home or office

3. Contact SERVPRO of Alamo Heights at (210) 822-2063- the faster we arrive, the faster we can make it like “it never even happened”

4. Remove excess water by mopping and blotting.

5. Wipe excess water from wood furniture

6.  Place aluminum foil or wood blocks between furniture legs and wet carpeting

7.  Turn the air conditioner off

8.  Remove colored rugs and/or drapery from wet carpeting

9.   Gather loose items from the floors

10.  Remove art objects to a safe, dry place

It is our hope that you never have to use these tips, but it is always better to be prepared. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at (210) 822-2063.

When Water Intrudes, Call SERVPRO of Alamo Heights

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Emergency Damage Process Overview


Within one hour from notice of loss, a SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights Franchise Professional will contact you to arrange for service. You will know help is on the way!

Within four hours of loss notification, a SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights Franchise Professional will be on-site to start mitigation services. The key to reducing damage and saving money is responding quickly to damage.

A trained, uniformed and equipped SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights Franchise Professional will walk you through the job process step-by-step, explaining what to expect and the anticipated outcome.


Within eight business hours of on-site arrival, a verbal briefing of the scope will be communicated to the appropriate person, normally the adjuster or property manager.

Call the SERVPRO Cleanup Team That Is Faster To Any Size Disaster

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Flooding can happen anywhere.  According to the National Weather Service (NOAA), "Approximately seventy-five percent of all Presidential disaster declarations are associated with flooding." NOAA lists the most common flood hazards in the United States as:

  • Flash Flooding
  • River Flooding
  • Storm Surge & Coastal Inundation from Tropical & Non-Tropical Systems
  • Burn Scars/ Debris Flows (Caused by Wildfires)
  • Ice/ Debris Jams
  • Snowmelt
  • Dry Wash (Caused by heavy rainfall in dry areas)
  • Dam Breaks/ Levee Failure

Just because you haven’t experienced a flood doesn’t mean you won’t in the future. In fact, 20% of all claims paid by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) were for policies in low-risk communities. On average, floods cost $3.5 billion in annual losses in the U.S., and commercial flood claims average more than $75,000 (NFIP).

When catastrophic water damage happens to you, SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights Franchise Professionals can help. They can help you prepare ahead of time with an Emergency Ready Profile® (ERP), or respond to any size disaster to begin cleanup and restoration to get you back in business as soon as possible.

Your local SERVPRO® of Alamo Heights Franchise Professionals are ready to help make it “Like it never even happened.” 

Alamo Heights Residents: We Specialize in Flooded Basement Cleanup and Restoration!

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Water on a basement floor, in the background there is a washer and dryer This Alamo Heights home’s basement flooded due to heavy rains.

A basement can flood at any time, although flooding most often occurs during heavy rainfall. Basements are inherently prone to flooding because they are the lowest level of a building and are normally built partly or entirely below ground level. There are a number of reasons why your Alamo Heights basement could flood, including: 

  • A blocked or failed sewer lateral pipe
  • Heavy rain causes surface water to pool around your home
  • Storm sewer backup
  • Sanitary sewer backup
  • Foundation drainage failure
  • Water supply-line break or hot-water tank failure
  • And many more

Have Questions about Basement Flooding?

Call Today - 210-822-2063

If flood water is not handled quickly and properly, it can jeopardize your health and safety, and cause severe damage to your home’s structure. Remember, the longer you wait, the worse the problem will get.

The bottom line: a flooded basement can jeopardize your health, safety, and your home’s integrity. It’s worth making a call to SERVPRO of Alamo Heights and let our trained, professional crews handle the situation safely and correctly. We have earned the trust of hundreds of homeowners, business owners, and property professionals.

We are Flooded Basement Specialists:

  • We are Available 24 hours/7 days per week
  • We’re a Preferred Vendor to many National Insurance Companies
  • We Bill The Insurance Directly – One Less Thing For You To Worry About
  • Our Technicians are Highly-Trained  in Water Restoration Techniques
  • We use s500 IICRC Restoration Standards
  • Advanced Inspection and Extraction Equipment

Basement Flooded? Call Us Today – We’re Ready To Help 210-822-2063

Faster to Your San Antonio Water Damage Event

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Water with a blue background SERVPRO of Alamo Heights provides 24 hour fire and water damage restoration service in Alamo Heights

Flooding and water emergencies don’t wait for regular business hours and neither do we. SERVPRO of Alamo Heights provides emergency cleaning and restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—including all holidays.

Faster To Any Size Disaster

Flooding and water damage is very invasive. Water quickly spreads throughout your home and gets absorbed into floors, walls, furniture, and more.  SERVPRO of Alamo Heights arrives quickly and starts the water extraction process almost immediately. This immediate response helps to minimize the damage and the cleaning and restoration costs.

Need Emergency Service? Call Us 24/7 – 210-822-2063

Water Damage Timeline

Within Minutes

  • Water quickly spreads throughout your property, saturating everything in its path.
  • Water is absorbed into walls, floors, upholstery, and belongings.
  • Furniture finishes may bleed, causing permanent staining on carpets.
  • Photographs, books, and other paper goods start to swell and warp.

Hours 1 - 24:

  • Drywall begins to swell and break down.
  • Metal surfaces begin to tarnish.
  • Furniture begins to swell and crack.
  • Dyes and inks from cloth and paper goods spread and stain.
  • A musty odor appears.

48 Hours to 1 Week:

  • Mold and mildew may grow and spread.
  • Doors, windows, and studs swell and warp.
  • Metal begins to rust and corrode.
  • Furniture warps and shows signs of mold.
  • Paint begins to blister.
  • Wood flooring swells and warps.
  • Serious biohazard contamination is possible.

More Than 1 Week:

  • Restoration time and cost increase dramatically; replacing contaminated materials and structural rebuilding may be extensive.
  • Structural safety, mold growth, and biohazard contaminants pose serious risks to occupants.

About SERVPRO of Alamo Heights

SERVPRO of Alamo Heights specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Alamo Heights 24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Service

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Flooded living room with water up to the brown couch level SERVPRO of Alamo Heights provides 24 hour fire and water damage restoration service in San Antonio

SERVPRO of Alamo Heights is available 24 hours a day for water emergencies, large or small. When you are dealing with water damage, immediate action is crucial. A delay of just a few hours can greatly increase the severity of the water damage.

We Answer the Phone Ready to Help
Call Today -

We understand that when you call us, you may be feeling confused, stressed, and vulnerable. You need an expert to guide you through this crisis. SERVPRO of Alamo Heights has the specific water damage training and experience to help you through this tough time. We specialize in water damage restoration—in fact, it's the cornerstone of our business.

What to Expect

When you call, we will ask several questions regarding your water damage emergency. These questions will help us determine what equipment and resources to bring, including how many trained SERVPRO Professionals may be needed.

Our SERVPRO Representative will ask several questions:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Your insurance information (if applicable)
  • The street address of the water-damaged home or business
  • When did the flooding or water damage occur?
  • What caused the water damage (if known)?
  • Is there electricity available (on-site)?

About SERVPRO of Alamo Heights

SERVPRO of Alamo Heights specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Meet Some of Our Crew