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10/20/2022 (Permalink)

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One of the unique things about the United States is the different types of weather that vary across the nation. From humid and hot summers to ice cold winters, we have it all.

With all of this weather comes the potential for severe threats every season. In fact, the United States has at least 42 different kinds of weather alerts, and they are broken down into six different categories.

When you are in the middle of severe weather, trying to decipher any sort of alert can be confusing if you are not prepared. Thankfully, we really only need to fully understand the types of alerts that affect us here in Alamo Heights.

<h4creation">Alert Creation

Weather forecasting is a series of predictions that meteorologists make that attempt to forecast how different weather situations will play out. Even though they are simply predictions, a lot of research and model interpreting go into each one to make them as accurate as possible.

The National Weather Service is the large organization that is responsible for creating the forecasts all across the nation. They are broken down into six regional offices across the country to help keep the forecasts more localized. Our office is in the Southern Region and is actually located right in Texas in Fort Worth.

When the NWS creates their forecasts, staff use data from radar, seismic activity, solar patterns and other model predictions. From that forecast, then they send out any corresponding alerts. They attempt to be as accurate as possible to make sure the right people are informed of any incoming threats.

<h4it-a-watch-or-a-warning">Is It a Watch or a Warning?

Understanding the difference between a watch and a warning is of the utmost importance. They are two very simple concepts, but a warning carries a much larger risk than a watch. This language is actually universal across most weather risks.

If a watch is issued in our area, that simply means an incoming storm or weather event has the potential to turn into a more severe threat. Whether the storm is particularly strong or the current weather (heat, humidity, etc) is just right, this is the time to keep an eye on the sky.

If a watch turns into a warning, you should seek shelter immediately. When a warning is issued, there is a dangerous storm or situation present and everyone should be inside and out of the elements.

In Alamo Heights, we commonly see severe storms, tornadoes and flash flooding problems. We are located in “flash flood alley,” after all! It is important to understand each of the corresponding alerts for these events so you can properly prepare for them.

<h4home-and-property">Your Home and Property

Preparing your home in advance of a storm can help minimize damages. If you are aware of any watches before they turn into warnings, you have more time to get ready for any impending weather.

Removing or securing outdoor furniture and clearing your gutters reduces the risk of water issues and property damage. It is also a good idea to take inventory of your emergency kit and make sure it is placed in your safe shelter location.

When you need help with a restoration project, the first requirement that comes to mind is probably a company’s quality of work! When you use SERVPRO of Alamo Heights and Downtown San Antonio, we can promise you our highest quality work, every time.

In addition to our water, storm and fire damage restoration, we also offer deep-cleans of more troublesome issues like graffiti cleanup, along with mold remediation. Whatever you need help with, we are the team for you.

Do you want to know another bonus of using us as your restoration team? We are right in town in our beautiful neighborhood!

<h2being-close-by-matters">Why Being Close By Matters<h4we-have-a-quick-response-time">1. We Have a Quick Response Time

When you need help with a restoration project or disaster recovery, would you rather have a team that could be there in a few days or in a matter of hours?

We are just down the road, so we can mobilize our teams to respond to you almost immediately.

<h4we-experience-the-same-threats">2. We Experience the Same Threats

While our offices are located here, many of us live in town as well! When inclement weather is forecasted, we are tuned into the same news stations like WOAI watching Jeanette Calle give us updates, too.

The main difference is that when you make plans to hunker down, we start rounding up our teams to be ready to respond to any emergency.

We know what it is like to experience a tornado, heavy rain and flash flooding problems here in Alamo Heights. Our personal experiences make us more knowledgeable on how to handle any cleanup.

<h4we-know-alamo-heights">3. We Know Alamo Heights

If you are from the Alamo Heights area, you know how special it is to live here. If you call a different restoration company, chances are that they will be coming from a different part of the San Antonio area or even beyond and won’t know the area as well as we do!

Being from Alamo Heights, we can confidently tell you our favorite churro at Honcho’s Churros (It has to be one of their delicious Lassos). We also can recommend the best hidden places to explore at Olmos Basin if you need to get out and relax while we work. We are proud to live and work in this city.

We also fully understand the current local governmental regulations and ordinances, so you never have to worry about a misstep with permits or requirements.

<h2benefits-of-choosing-us">Additional Benefits of Choosing Us

We specialize in working with local technicians and organizations when we need to get a job done properly, but sometimes a large-scale disaster requires external help. That’s the benefit of SERVPRO!

Our team has a local touch with a national reach. If we need help, one of our other partner locations can send personnel or equipment our way.

When disaster strikes your home or your business, we’re the team you can trust—located right here, close to home. Get in touch today to get started!

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